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June 9

A resident on Melvina Lane SW, Alexandria reported getting a strange e-mail that said she needed to respond to court. She was advised this was a scam. Law enforcement does not send e-mails to summon people to court.

A Culligan’s employee was bit on the calf by a dog at a residence near County Road 34 NW, Alexandria. The owner was told to provide proof that the dog was vaccinated.

Dispatch received a report of teenagers drinking and racing Jet Skis close to shore in an unsafe way near Lake Latoka Beach. A deputy advised them to drive safe and respect others.

A deputy assisted at the scene of a crash that happened on Interstate 94 near mile marker 100 involving two semis. No one was injured.

June 10

A 28-foot-long Weed Roller was stolen from Lake Darling within the last four weeks. The motor wasn’t stolen. Value: $350.

A Garfield resident reported fraudulent activity on her Pay Pal account.


June 9

A resident lost a black tri-fold wallet containing $25 at Walmart.

Dispatch received a report of a suspicious person going door to door along Derek Drive and Benjamin Drive, stating that he was working for the Global Liberty Foundation. An officer referred the person and his supervisor to go to city hall to obtain a peddler’s license.

A resident reported that she lost a wallet at Walmart.

A black tool box was lost off the back of a truck that was traveling on Highway 27 West and County Road 45 SW, Alexandria.

A resident lost a purple Samsung Galaxy S3 cell phone at Walmart.

June 10

During a traffic stop at County Road 42 and Highway 29 North, a driver was arrested for fourth-degree drunk driving.

A gas station employee reported that a man purchased $6,500 worth of pre-paid cards over the past two weeks, paying for them with cash. The employee noted that there was nothing criminal to report but wanted police to be informed.

A resident on Fairway Lane reported that his neighbor cut down nine 50-foot-tall pine trees from the property line. The neighbor said the trees were on his property. A survey will be completed to determine ownership.

A semi hit a gas pump at Super America at 1424 Broadway.

A SmartTool level was found in the middle of the road on Broadway near Eighth Avenue. It was logged into evidence.

A resident on Robert Street was the victim of a scam. He sent $300 to obtain a bank loan and it was fraudulent.

Someone broke into a mobile home on 34th Avenue East while the owners were in jail.

June 11

During a traffic stop on Nokomis Street and Carlos Avenue, a deputy arrested a driver for fourth-degree drunk driving.

A 2001 Cadillac was stolen out of a driveway on Cedar Street. The windows were open and the keys were in it.

A resident reported that a Samsung Verizon phone was either lost or stolen from her purse.