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May 23

A resident on East Lake Geneva Road NE, Alexandria reported her purse was stolen from her home while she was gardening. It contained checks, cash and credit cards.

A grass fire was reported at 6:35 p.m. south of County Road 4 on the railroad tracks.

May 24

During a traffic stop at State Street and Central Avenue, a driver was arrested for fourth-degree driving while intoxicated.

A black-and-white wallet was found by Nordic Trails.

Dispatch received a call about something wrapped in plastic and duck-taped in a culvert near County Road 22. A deputy responded and found a deer carcass. The highway department was called to remove it.

A Kensington resident reported that a red Chevy truck and a motorcycle drove up to him as he entered town and chased him around, ramming the rear of his vehicle. The motorcycle and truck then passed in front of him and blocked the road, causing the resident to collide with the truck. The resident reversed his vehicle and turned onto County Road 1. The other vehicles didn’t pursue him. The incident is being investigated.

May 25

At 1:52 a.m., deputies were called to check on a female lying on a sidewalk near County Roads 11 and 34. She was intoxicated. She was cited for possessing drug paraphernalia and escorted home.

A 53-year-old woman was kicked in the head by a horse on Eldo Lane SW, Alexandria. An ambulance took her to the hospital.

Dispatch received a report of a bald, naked man with no legs on a scooter on Co. Rd. 11 near Timber Doodle. A deputy responded and found the man was not naked. He was advised to stay off the road because he was not very visible.

May 26

A T-bone accident was reported at the intersection of County Roads 8 and 1 in Kensington. An elderly male suffered a back injury. A driver was cited for failing to stop at the stop sign.

A driver reported someone in his vehicle grabbed the steering wheel and put the vehicle in the ditch near South Lake Jessie Road. The person was arrested for numerous charges.


May 23

A 14-year-old girl reportedly tried to pass a $100 bill at McDonald’s North that appeared counterfeit. It is under investigation.

A black leather wallet was lost on Third Avenue East.

Eight firearms, a Play Station and video games were stolen from a residence on Sixth Avenue East.

May 24

A wallet was stolen from a resident while he was at Trumm Drug at Alexandria Clinic.

A grass fire was reported near a swamp by 3305 South Broadway.

During a traffic stop at 30th Avenue and Nokomis Street, a driver was cited for possessing drug paraphernalia, fourth-degree drunk driving and not wearing a seat belt.

A diesel fuel leak was reported at Pilot Gas on Evergreen Lane. Firefighters contained the spill and contacted a clean-up crew.

May 26

A pink bike was stolen from the backyard of a residence on Fairway Lane NE.

A shoplifter was apprehended at Fleet Farm and cited for theft.

A navy blue snap-on boat cover was lost in the South Lake L’Homme Dieu Drive area.

A box spring was stolen from a home’s entry on Ninth Ave. West.