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May 14

A billboard was stolen off a truck at Hilltop Rental Center, Nokomis St.

Video games were stolen from Walmart.

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May 15

An iPod was reportedly stolen from a room at Super 8 on May 11.

A shoplifter was apprehended at Mills Fleet Farm.

May 16

A resident on Fifth Avenue East reported theft of items from his home.

A screen was pulled off a window at a residence on Unumb Drive.

A shoplifter was apprehended at Mills Fleet Farm.


May 14

Dispatch received a report of a vehicle in the ditch near west side of Lake Winona. Driver was arrested for fourth-degree driving while intoxicated.

A grass fire was reported near County Road 12 NW, Garfield at 12:14 p.m.

Dispatch received a complaint of someone burning garbage on the ground on Maple Street in Miltona.

Two bracelets were stolen from a residence on County Road 2 SE, Osakis. No signs of forced entry.

May 15

After a burglary at his residence on Sunset Strip NW, Alexandria, a resident put up trail cameras. Now someone stole the cameras.

A resident on Pleasant Grove NW, Garfield reported a single-engine airplane flying over his shed. He thought it was spraying something that killed birds and was making him sick. Deputy unable to locate the plane.

In two hours, dispatch received four reports of vehicles hitting deer.

May 16

Dispatch received a report of juveniles on ATVs tearing up a field near Oak Tree Road NW, Miltona.

Dispatch received a report of a truck and boat in the ditch near Hope Road SE, Osakis. The driver’s speech was slurred. A deputy responded and impounded the vehicle and boat.

May 17

After construction began on Highway 29 North, some drivers are reportedly traveling on the gravel road along the highway at a high rate of speed. Extra patrol was requested.

For the second time in recent weeks, someone put a water softener drain hose into a clothes dryer in Evansville, causing water damage.

A resident reported loud cannon-like noises near County Road 7 north of Lake Chippewa. A property owner who was shooting explosive targets at a work-related gathering.

A pickup with a gravity trailer jack-knifed south of Pike Road NE, Alexandria, spilling soybeans and gas.

A grass fire was reported at 11:46 p.m. near East Lovers Lake Road and Pennie Road, near a slough.