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May 7

Deputies helped rescue a 2-year-old child who was accidentally locked in a vehicle on Mosquito Lane SW, Alexandria.

While patrolling the Central Lakes Trail a little after 10 p.m., a deputy came across two females who were intoxicated and riding bikes. They said they’d been drinking in Garfield and were on their way back to Alexandria. They were both upset that a deputy was patrolling the trail. After the deputy explained that citizens expect the police and sheriff’s office to patrol the trail at all times, the women agreed and said they’d make it home without issue.

May 8

A resident on Douglas Street found a security camera lying in his front yard. An officer placed it into found property.

May 9

Someone damaged the Housing and Redevelopment Authority apartments on Johnson Street in Evansville by putting a water softener drain hose by a dryer outlet.

A resident of an apartment on First Street in Evansville called 911 to report that his upstairs neighbor was “walking heavily.” A deputy checked and found everything was quiet.

May 10

Someone broke into a shed on Sunset Strip NW, Alexandria. It’s not yet known if anything is missing.

A black Verizon Motorola cell phone was found in the ditch by the Carlos/Darling bridge.

Dispatch received a report of juveniles driving recklessly by residential homes near South Union Lake Drive. Citations were given to the parents.

Three juveniles reportedly threw rocks at a truck as it was going through Carlos.

During a traffic stop near Southview Street and County Road 82 in Evansville, a driver was arrested for second-degree drunk driving and fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle.

May 11

Two men came in late to Diamond Jim’s in Nelson, asked for last call and were refused service. After they refused to leave, one was arrested for obstructing the legal process.

Dispatch received a report of a driver who was all over the road near Highway 29 South and County Road 28 SW, Alexandria. The driver was arrested for third-degree driving while intoxicated.


May 7

A man reported losing his wife’s engagement ring at Pete’s County Market or at a friend’s residence.

May 8

A customer at the Holiday Gas Station on Highway 29 South tried to use a stolen credit card. Employees confiscated the card and told authorities the name of the suspect.

Dispatch received a report of a man in the tunnel by Voyager Drive who was drinking and talking to children going to school. An officer checked the tunnel and school area and didn’t find the man.

A CenterPoint employee reported a gas leak on South L’Homme Dieu Drive at 1:26 p.m. The fire department was called to stop the leak.

Two shoplifters were apprehended at Mills Fleet Farm.

May 9

A grey-green Malibu Maxx that was parked in a driveway on Fillmore Street was reported stolen.

Electronic items were stolen from a trailer on North McKay Avenue.

A Dell computer was stolen from a vehicle while it was parked at Discovery Middle School or at a residence on Sixth Avenue East.

A vehicle matching the description of one used in several Walmart thefts was spotted in Alexandria and later pulled over on Interstate 94 near Fergus Falls.

A resident on Third Avenue West reported the theft of a white Samsung Galaxy F4 phone.

May 11

Tools were stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked on Broadway.

Dispatch received a report of a driver pulling up to another driver on Highway 29 South near Walmart, cussing at him and threatening him with a knife. The suspect was in an older gray car. Only a partial license plate of 931 was given.

Someone broke into a truck parked on Bryant Street and stole some items.

A shoplifter was apprehended at Fleet Farm and cited for theft.