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May 3

At 4:15 a.m., a driver on Interstate 94 about five miles east of Alexandria fell asleep, hit the guard rail, took out seven posts, rolled several times and landed in a lane of traffic. No serious injuries were reported.

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An ambulance was requested for a bicyclist who crashed while competing in the Chain of Lakes Triathlon near Hope Road and Liberty Road NE, Alexandria.

A dog door was kicked in and a screen was ripped off a door at a residence on Front Street in Brandon.

A grass fire was reported near County Road 4 SW, Alexandria at 1:07 p.m.

A man was arrested for trying to pass seven $50 counterfeit bills at Walmart. In a related incident, a number of counterfeit $50 bills were found ripped up in the restroom garbage at the Holiday Station on 50th Avenue.

A person who was burning boxes near West Lake Cowdry Road started a grass fire.

May 5

The rear tires and a radiator cap were stolen from a FarmAll tractor near County Road 79 SE, Osakis. Value: $1,500.

A 16-year-old slid into third base at the baseball field in Evansville and possibly broke his leg.

May 6

A gas-powered chopsaw was stolen from a work truck parked at a job site on Jefferson Street.

May 7

A one-vehicle rollover was reported at 4:51 a.m. near the intersection of County Roads 13 and 65 NE, Carlos. The driver, Alexander Sommerville, 50, of Long Prairie, was taken to the Douglas County Hospital where he was treated and released.


May 3

Dispatch received a report of a blue Ford 150 driving about 70 miles per hour on Jefferson Street with six people inside it. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

Dispatch received a report of a blue car all over the road on Broadway. It also ran a stop light. The driver was arrested for refusing to submit to a drunk driving test.

May 4

Three credit cards were found in the intersection of Jefferson Street and 7th Avenue. The owner was notified.

A vehicle was stolen from a garage on Lake Street. The keys were left in it.

Dispatch received a report of boys shooting at fish near Voyager Drive and County Road 42. An officer told them it was illegal to do that.

A resident on Irving Street reported the theft of prescription pills.

A little girl was bitten by a pit bull at Olson’s Mobile Home Park. The dog was released to the staff at the Lakes Area Humane Society.

A resident lost a purse at Culver’s Restaurant.

A resident at Olson’s Mobile Home Park reported the theft of a cooler.

Two adult males were cited for second degree assault for a fight that happened near 6th Avenue East and South McKay Avenue.

Dispatch received a complaint of teenagers recklessly driving four-wheelers between 7th and 8th Avenue on Kenwood Street. They were reportedly going about 50 miles per hour, whipping doughnuts and driving down sidewalks.

A man stole some groceries at Elden’s Fresh Foods and left in a gray car.

May 5

A night manager at the Holiday Station on 3rd Avenue reported that a person in a white Cadillac was passed out in the front seat with the door open. A suspect was arrested for drunk driving.

An officer investigated a report of a few juveniles shoplifting at the Subway Restaurant at 902 Broadway.

May 6

Sometime overnight, someone stole two Witt refrigeration coils and an Ansil System control box from the north side of the Eagles building on Nokomis Street. Total value: $3,900.