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April 23

A deputy assisted the State Patrol in clearing chunks of wood from a pallet that fell on Interstate 94 just west of Alexandria.

April 24

A car ran into two mailboxes and a garbage can on Tamarac Circle NE, Miltona.

A resident on East Lake Miltona Drive reported that people are taking recycling and garbage bins from the neighborhood, driving down the road and dumping them out all over. He said they are also going through mailboxes. Three hours later, another resident in that area reported that someone pushed a garbage can into his mailbox, snapping the post off. The damage was estimated at about $60.

A resident on Moor Stone Drive NE, Alexandria reported that someone drove by and threw a beer bottle at his vehicle, breaking the window.

Sirens were tested at 1:45 and 6:55 p.m. as part of National Weather Alert Week.

A brown, bifold leather wallet was lost at Arrowwood Resort.

A woman was injured when she fell off a retaining wall at a residence on Lake Andrew Road SW, Alexandria.

A deputy was called to the Evansville City Hall to deal with a man who was being belligerent and possibly intoxicated at a meeting. The deputy stood by until the meeting was over.

April 25

A brother, his sister and a friend were fighting at a residence on Pennie Road SE, Alexandria. The brother was arrested for assault.

Dispatch received a report of a young female driver of a Geo Prizm who was texting while driving, weaving all over her lane, crossing the fog line and nearly rear-ending another vehicle.

A Kensington resident reported that money was fraudently taken out of her checking account.

A deputy responded to a report of someone driving a golf cart in the West Lake Jessie Drive area, which violates township ordinances.

Someone was transporting a riding lawnmower from Highway 29 to Interstate 94 and lost the bagger system from the mower.

A woman tried to cash two checks that did not belong to her at The Muddy Boot in Forada. When a bartender checked, the owner of the checks said the woman did not have permission to write the checks and there was no money in the account.


April 23

A resident on Cedar Street reported that his credit card was used by someone else.

A pedestrian was hit, but not injured, by a car in the Jefferson High School parking lot.

Someone stole the front license plate off a vehicle parked overnight near Cenex on Broadway.

A juvenile male was apprehended for shoplifting at Mills Fleet Farm.

April 24

A “dine and dash” was reported at Perkins Family Restaurant at 2:42 a.m. Two men left the restaurant without paying their bill of $27.42. The men were apprehended. The passenger was cited and released to a sober party. The driver was taken to jail.

Garbage bins were stolen from a residence on Government Point Road NE.

A resident on Skyline Drive NE reported mailbox damage.

A Samsung cell phone was found in Alexandria. The owner couldn’t be located so the phone was placed into evidence.

A burglary was reported at a residence on Unumb Court.

A shoplifter was apprehended at Fleet Farm. He was cited and released to his mother.

A bird feeder was stolen on Kinkead Drive.

April 25

Officers responded to a report of two people fighting on Jefferson Street at 1:06 a.m. A minor was arrested for disorderly conduct and consuming alcohol.

A privacy fence was damaged on Derek Drive.

A resident on 7th Avenue East reported that someone crawled through her window and stole money.

A female reportedly bought two bottles of red wine vinegar at Pete’s County Market, drank them and passed out in front of the store. She was transported by ambulance to the emergency room.

Dispatch received a report of a driver that went into the ditch off Highway 29 South, almost rolled, made it out of the ditch and then nearly hit a road construction worker before pulling into Culver’s. It turned out that the driver was diabetic, knew that he was having a reaction and was stopping to get food.

A trailer parked in the city lot across from the Alexson Apartments was damaged.

Several vehicles have been driving into the Viking Plaza lot after hours and driving in the mud, causing problems. Extra patrol will be sent to the area.

A generator was stolen from a motor home parked near Roosevelt Street. A canvas cover was also missing.

April 26

A man called dispatch to see if his checkbook had been turned in. He said it was lost at Walmart. A few minutes later, a woman called to see if her wallet had been found. She said it was lost at Walmart.

A resident reported the theft of a cell phone.

A resident on Roosevelt Street was cited for having an unattended fire and burning prohibited materials.

April 27

A white male, 25 to 30 years old, with an orange coat stole gloves and fishing lures from Mills Fleet Farm. Officers were unable to find him. It’s under investigation.

A female wearing a black hoodie and pink sweatpants tried to leave Walmart with a cart full of electronics. She left the cart when approached and took an unknown electronic item with her. She was last seen driving a Chrysler 300 near Holiday Gas on 50th Avenue.