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April 16

A police officer was involved in a crash at the intersection of County Road 82 and Rosewood Lane. There were no injuries.

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A small bag of white powder, possibly methamphetamine, was found on the floor of a backroom at a business on Highway 29 North.

April 17

Deputies issued written citations or verbal warnings to 11 drivers for going over the speed limit on Thursday night. They also ticketed drivers for not having insurance, failing to yield to pedestrians and for having a headlight out.

April 18

A driver reported that she hit something in the middle of the road on Interstate 94 that damaged her oil pan and she needed a tow.

A resident, who said she received poor service at a restaurant, refused to pay her bill, which amounted to more than $100. She told deputies that the restaurant should give her a break because her party waited for more than two hours to get their food and it was cold. The resident continued to make a scene in the restaurant when deputies arrived but she ultimately agreed to pay the bill and left.

A driver fell asleep and went off the end of County Road 3 near County Road 36. The vehicle sheared off a T sign and a power pole guy-wire.

April 19

Deputies responded to a complaint of a loud party on Fahlun Lane NE, Nelson. When they arrived on scene, several individuals ran off. Two males were arrested for minor consumption of alcohol.

While pulling over a driver for speeding on County Road 73 near Homestead Road NE, Alexandria, a deputy cited three individuals for minor consumption of alcohol.

Dispatch received a report of a man burning a ditch on Sugar Sand Lane NW, Alexandria. He was advised that a burning ban was in place and only variance applications are being allowed at this time.

Someone smashed through the front door of Nelson’s Store in Evansville and stole some items. The juvenile suspects were located and turned over to their parents. Their vehicle was towed to the impound lot and the stolen items were recovered.

A driver was arrested for driving while intoxicated on Agnes Drive near Kinkead Drive.

April 20

Deputies assisted at the scene of a semi rollover, with minor injuries, on Interstate 94 near Evansville at 7:46 a.m.

A driver on Interstate 94 near Evansville was clocked going at more than 100 miles per hour. He was cited for speeding.

A tool box containing drug paraphernalia and a garbage bag full of cigarette packs was found on the Central Lakes Trail between Brandon and Evansville. The items were seized as evidence.

A small grass fire was reported one and a half miles west of Osakis in the north ditch at 3:42 p.m.

Deputies assisted at the scene of a one-vehicle rollover, with minor injuries, on Interstate 94 about 15 miles west of Alexandria.


April 17

At 12:57 a.m., a caller reported that “fire was falling” from the sky above Depot Express. An officer didn’t find anything suspicious.

Someone damaged the car of a guest staying at Country Inn and Suites.

An officer investigated a shoplifting incident that was caught on tape at Ace Hardware.

A resident on 34th Avenue East came to his neighbor in a panic and told her to dial 911 because his phone was not working. The man wanted the police to fix his phone. An officer warned him about misusing the 911 system.

April 18

An officer issued a verbal warning to a person for skateboarding down the middle of Broadway at 12:41 a.m.

Officers investigated a report of a shoplifter at Viking Plaza.

Dispatch received a report of a vehicle going all over the road on Broadway near 8th Avenue at 3:56 p.m. The driver was arrested for drunk driving.

A resident reported an unauthorized charge of $1,200 on her new credit card.

A vehicle knocked over a bunch of shopping carts in the Walmart parking lot. The carts then hit another vehicle, possibly damaging the trunk.

April 19

A window was broken in a building above The Scandinavian Gift Shop. Officers placed cones around the area to prevent people from walking under the window.

Officers responded to a report of a cat bite on Carlos Avenue.

April 20

A driver was stopped near Park Street and 4th Avenue and arrested for drunk driving.

A driver was arrested for going 48 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone on 34th Avenue near Pioneer Road.

A 1-year-old baby accidentally locked a woman out of her apartment on 6th Avenue East. The landlord allowed her to cut through a screen door.

Dispatch received a report of a bunch of ducks attacking another duck on the road near Knute Nelson Field. The caller was worried it would cause an accident. A deputy removed the ducks from the road.

A semi jackknifed on County Road 45 near Evergreen Lane, blocking traffic and damaging the lawn of a property owner. There were no injuries.

Dispatch received a report of a pit bull named Rocko that was at large in the park near 6th Avenue East. An officer was unable to locate the dog.

Dispatch received a complaint of the smell of marijuana coming from an apartment on Jefferson Street. One individual was cited for possessing a small amount of marijuana.