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April 9

A deputy came across a driver sleeping in his vehicle on State Highway 127 near the Interstate 94 ramp in Osakis. The driver said he was headed to Henning from the Twin Cities, pulled over to stretch and fell asleep. The deputy told the driver to drive into Osakis and rest.

A box of pull tabs was found at the end of a driveway on County Road 82. Another box was found at 10th Avenue and Broadway in Alexandria. It turned out that the boxes were lost when the Garfield Fire Department was taking them to the incinerator the previous night. The boxes were picked up and destroyed.

Someone forced their way into a home on County Road 3 NE, Carlos. Two doors were damaged but nothing appeared to be missing.

A propane tank was hissing at a duplex on Oak Street in Miltona. The fire department took care of the gas leak.

Three video games were stolen from a residence on Cross Country Lane SW, Alexandria. Estimated value: $180. A black Samsung Galaxy tablet in a black-and-white flowery case was also stolen from the same residence within the last three weeks.

Someone broke into a storage shed and stole seven pedal cars at South Town Storage on Highway 29 South. Two other units had locks missing.

Dispatch received a report of a suspicious person possibly rummaging through vehicles in the parking lot on 17th Avenue East. Deputies were not able to locate the suspect.

A deputy stopped a pedestrian who was running across 3rd Avenue with a backpack. The pedestrian admitted he had just found the backpack at Big Ole Central Park. The backpack was confiscated and placed in evidence.

April 10

A snowmobile was found abandoned in the rushes north of the south access on Lake Mary.

Drivers of dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles are reportedly damaging two township gravel roads in the Maple Lake/Prairie Road area near Carlos.

Dispatch received a report of a group of kids making racial slurs toward a woman’s daughter and her niece in Carlos. They also threw branches at them.

A resident on Bradford Bay Road SW, Alexandria reported someone broke into his house while he was on vacation. Cash and keys were stolen. The incident is under investigation.

April 11

A driver was stopped near Sugar Sand Way and County Road 34 and arrested for third-degree drink driving.

Kensington firefighters were called shortly before 9 p.m. to provide mutual aid with a grass fire in Pope County.

A Miltona resident said that fraudulent charges were made on her credit card.

April 12

A motorcycle driver was stopped in Miltona after a short pursuit and was arrested for drunk driving.

A Brandon resident reported that he was filing his taxes through Turbotax but the program indicated that someone else had already filed taxes under his Social Security number. The incident is being investigated.

A deputy tried to pull over a vehicle on the Carlos Miltona Road but the driver failed to stop right away. The driver was arrested a short time later on an outstanding warrant and cited for driving after revocation and for not having insurance.

A pink wallet was found near property that’s for sale on County Road 22 NW, Alexandria.

A unit at South Town Storage was broken into and a TV and an old western saddle were stolen.


April 9

Surveillance camera footage at Walmart showed an individual who was trying to get into vehicles in the parking lot. The incident is under investigation.

An officer found an injured duck on the side of the road on 10th Avenue near Kenwood Street. It received significant wounds when it was hit by a car. The duck died while the officer was transporting it.

An employee at the Klothes Kloset allegedly stole $100 from the till.

April 10

A resident on 3rd Avenue West reported that she lost her wallet and credit card charges are now appearing on her accounts.

Someone broke into a shed at the Alexandria Area YMCA. It’s unknown if anything is missing. Also, multiple cleaning and flammable items were found in the Y’s garbage that didn’t belong to the facility. Extra patrol was requested.

Someone broke into a camper near State Highway 29 and several items are missing. The incident is under investigation.

A motorcycle driver had to lay down his bike when someone backed out in front of him near Broadway. He suffered a small scrape on his head and denied ambulance care.

A minor accident involving a school bus was reported at 22nd Avenue East and Jefferson Street at 9:28 p.m. No one was injured.

April 13

A driver was pulled over near North Nokomis and State Highway 29 North and arrested for drunk driving. A passenger, who was the registered owner of the vehicle, was cited for aiding and abetting a drunk driver.

Dispatch received a report of drivers “mudding” near a gravel pit by Alexandria Shooting Park. An officer spoke to the drivers and told them not to return or they’d be cited for trespassing.

A door on a foreclosed house on Lodge Hall Road SW was forced open. Nothing appears to be missing.