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April 2

Dispatch received a report of three cars and a truck rutting up a field near Judicial Ditch Road NE, Carlos.

April 3

A rural Alexandria resident reported that he sold an item on Craig’s List and was sent a check for $1,100 more than the purchase price. The buyer told him to wire the rest of the money back. A deputy told the resident that it was a scam.

Dispatch received a call about a teenage boy who goes outside his vehicle parked at various places in Brandon and smokes from a bong.

A member of the Cozy Nook Association on Lake Ida reported that trees along the shoreline are being cut when they are not supposed to.

A resident on Brophy Shores Road NW, Alexandria reported that a neighbor keeps driving recklessly in the neighborhood with children around. In the latest incident, he reportedly raced up the road at a high rate of speed, ran over his own mailbox and drove through his yard. Deputies later arrested the driver for fourth-degree driving while intoxicated.

April 5

A driver failed to stop at the intersection of County Roads 9 and 20, sheared off a stop sign and struck a parked vehicle. Deputies arrested the driver for fourth-degree drunk driving.

A driver attempted to turn around on a gravel driveway near County Road 28 SW, Alexandria when he became stuck in a sink hole. He didn’t have any money to get the car towed. The homeowner eventually pulled the car out. The car later broke down on the freeway and was towed off because it was a traffic hazard. The driver again didn’t have any money to pay for the tow so the car is being held until he can arrange payment.

April 6

Dispatch received a report of two young boys rolling through the South Douglas Avenue neighborhood in Carlos with handguns. The guns were clear Airsoft pellet guns.

A deputy helped remove a ladder that fell into the middle of Interstate 94 near mile marker 92. It had been hit multiple times.


April 3

A resident reported that his brown, bi-fold wallet was lost or fell out of his truck while he was parked at Fleet Farm Gas.

A woman’s laundry was stolen out of a community laundry room at an apartment building on 7th Avenue East.

Someone reportedly tampered with a door at Bell State Bank and Trust.

Dispatch received a report of a driver in a Cavalier who was driving erratically on Broadway. An officer stopped the vehicle and the driver stated she was learning to drive a manual transmission. She was given a warning.

April 5

An officer arrested a driver on East Lake Cowdry Road NW for fourth-degree driving while intoxicated.

Someone walked on the hood of a vehicle parked on 4th Avenue East and shattered the windshield.

A real estate agent reported a large sinkhole in the backyard of a property he was showing on Cedar Street.

Residents on Boys Avenue NE reported possible gun shots coming from Van Avenue. An officer investigated and found out it was fireworks. The person setting off the fireworks was told to “cease and desist.”

April 6

Shortly after midnight, officers investigated a report of loitering in the parking lot at Elden’s Fresh Foods. About 20 people in nine vehicles were warned about loitering.

Dispatch received several calls about a crash between a vehicle and a semi at Broadway and 5th Avenue just before 1 a.m. A minor was cited for drinking and driving and disobeying a traffic control device. No one was injured.

A resident on Irving Street reported a possible gun shot from her neighbor’s house. It turned out to be a firecracker.