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March 31

Someone took a gas card from a woman’s wallet and used it.

An inmate reported that someone drove his vehicle without permission last summer and returned it before he knew it was gone.

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April 1

A man called dispatch to report that he had heard there was a rollover near Discovery Middle School and he was worried because he was unable to locate his daughter. Two officers began searching areas by schools but didn’t find any accidents. The man called back and said his daughter was playing an April fool’s joke on him. An officer stopped at the residence and spoke to the daughter about the seriousness of the situation.

A driver was cited for backing into one of the pillars at Holiday Inn.


March 31

Deputies received a request to investigate the issuance of a worthless check on Oak Street in Alexandria.

A driver, northbound on County Road 11, swerved to avoid a deer and hit a power pole.

April 1

A driver was cited for failing to drive with due care after striking a 911 sign and mailbox on County Road 120 NE, Alexandria.

A resident reported the theft of jewelry sometime between October and January.

A caller reported that two pickups have been tearing up a hayfield off a minimum maintenance road off of Judicial Ditch Road NE, Carlos.