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March 25

Six or seven large bags of garbage were thrown into a ditch on private property near Hermanson Road and Alrich Road NW, Brandon.

March 26

Deputies responded to Grant County’s call for assistance about a man driving on Grant County Road 79 toward Douglas County Road 82. He was threatening to drive his vehicle off the road with his fiancée and baby and kill all three of them. The vehicle was stopped and Grant County units handled the investigation.

March 27

An inmate at the Wright County Jail reported that someone stole items from her storage unit in Alexandria.

A resident on Stardust Lake NE, Alexandria reported that someone hacked his Facebook page.

March 28

A driver was arrested for third-degree driving while intoxicated, pending results of a urine test.

A driver was arrested for fourth-degree driving while intoxicated.

A school bus became stuck on Sunny Brook Drive NW, Alexandria because of two cars that were parked illegally.

Someone broke into a travel trailer and a utility trailer on State Highway 29 South and stole tie-down straps and propane tanks. Another camper in the area was also missing propane tanks and had damage to a door.

Someone broke a shed lock on Sethney Lane SW and stole a chainsaw, battery charger, a propane torch, two fuel cells and a gas can for a chainsaw.


March 25

A resident reported that he lost his wallet at Elden’s Fresh Foods.

An employee at the Douglas County Food Shelf found drug paraphernalia that fell out of a client’s pocket. The paraphernalia was logged as evidence and the information was given to social services.

March 26

A theft of an iPhone was reported at New Life Church.

A theft was reported at Walmart. A suspect was later apprehended in St. Cloud, where he tried to return the stolen items.

March 28

A baseball bat valued at $400, two pair of shoes and clothes were stolen from a locker at Jefferson High School.

School officials at Voyager Elementary reported that a child had a three-inch-long knife in his locker.

A resident at Olson Mobile Home Park reported the theft of a vehicle that he had left to get repaired. The vehicle was found, burned, in Dakota County.

A GPS device was stolen from a vehicle parked on Jefferson Street.

Officers investigated a report of people smoking marijuana in a room at the Holiday Inn. A woman was cited for possessing a small amount of marijuana.

Viking Plaza security notified police that a known shoplifter was in a store and they wanted to give him a no trespassing warning. While police were handling the call, Dunham Sports at the mall reported a shoplifting incident involving the same suspect.

A bag containing a needle and spoon was found in front of a house on North Nokomis Street and Carlos Avenue. Police disposed of the items.

A pickup driver found an incoherent man lying in the street on Elm Street near 13th Avenue West shortly before midnight. The man was transported by ambulance to the emergency room.

March 29

At 3:09 a.m., dispatch received a report of a male party “on a meth and alcohol binge” who was causing a disturbance at Country Inn and Suites. He was arrested.

A 10-year-old suspected of shoplifting was being held at Walgreen’s. The store is going to review surveillance camera footage and work with police on the case.

Dispatch received a report of someone driving erratically on 10th Avenue East near Walgreen’s. The driver was cited for exhibition driving.

At 10:38 p.m., dispatch received a report of four juveniles lying in the road on Nissen Street, three of them wearing dark coats. An officer found them and talked to them about making safer choices.

At 10:50 p.m., dispatch received a report of a drunk man lying in the road on Fillmore Street near 13th Avenue West. Someone later picked him up.

An adult male suspect was arrested for assaulting another man at his apartment on Spruce Street.

March 30

Shortly after midnight, officers busted a large party involving juveniles on Jefferson Street. They obtained a search warrant and issued several minor consumption citations. One adult male was also arrested.

Some locks were cut off to units at Maxi Storage. Nothing was missing.

A resident on South Lake Jessie Road reported that someone has been “mudding” in his field south of 50th Avenue.

Dispatch received a report of someone illegally dumping garbage in the containers at an apartment complex on North McKay Avenue.