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February 19

Dispatch received a report of a strong smell of gas coming from Lakes Gas in Miltona at 6:37 a.m. A manager checked it out right away and found out it was a slow leak from one of the vehicles. The problem was taken care of.

A resident on Bradford Bay Road SW, Alexandria reported that someone went into his garage and broke a window on his car. He later realized that he had accidentally shot the window out with his BB gun.

Deputies investigated a report of a snowmobiler leaving the trail east of Evansville with two different registration numbers on the sled.

A resident on County Road 22 NW, Alexandria reported that snowmobilers are riding across her land even though it is posted for no trespassing. A deputy talked to the suspects and they said they would stay off the land in the future.

Someone broke into a fish house on Lake Miltona and stole a StrikeMaster electric auger and two Vexilar fish locators.

February 20

A driver of a Suburban failed to stop for a school bus in Osakis while the stop arms were extended and children were being unloaded. The driver said he didn’t realize he needed to stop for the lights.

A caller reported that the wind picked up a semi near mile post 113 east of Osakis. The semi ended up in the ditch. Deputies assisted with traffic. There were no injuries.

February 21

Wind blew down a powerline near Hayes Avenue in Brandon. It arced and blew out a transformer. Otter Tail Power was called to fix the problem.

An employee reportedly removed discarded pieces of scrap aluminum from Voyager Aluminum.

A deputy assisted police in speaking with a male suspect who refused to stop calling his ex-girlfriend. He reportedly made 43 calls.

A resident on Grove Lake Road near Kensington reported that $4,300 was missing from her bedroom.

A driver was cited for driving a vehicle on the Douglas Area Trail Association snowmobile trail near County Road 38. The vehicle became stuck and it took two towing companies to remove it.

February 23

At 11:35 p.m., deputies assisted the State Patrol with a reported road rage incident on Interstate 94 that began about 25 miles west of Alexandria. A driver threw items at another driver.


February 19

An officer helped a 95-year-old woman on South Broadway by helping her open a door that was stuck.

A resident reported that his black wallet was lost or stolen Monday night and one of the credit cards was since used in North Dakota.

Officers assisted authorities in Swift and Chippewa counties. A resident from there who is now working in Alexandria is wearing an electronic monitoring device that was indicating an alcohol violation.

An officer issued a citation to a student at Jefferson High School for possessing a small amount of marijuana.

Dispatch received a report that 36th Avenue was flooded across from Pro-Tainer. Alexandria Light and Power Utilities was notified.

Officers investigated a report of a high-school boy smoking a pipe on 12th Avenue while walking toward Jefferson High School.

A resident on 7th Avenue East reported that someone was trying to get into her neighbor’s garage. Two squad cars patrolled the area but didn’t find any suspects.

Dispatch received a report of an S-10 pickup veering all over the road at a high rate of speed on South Broadway and running a red light near Fleet Farm. The driver was cited for possessing a small amount of marijuana and paraphernalia.

A resident on Hawthorne Street reported that $150 was missing from her purse. She didn’t know when the money was taken.

February 20

A snowmobile was reportedly damaged while it was parked near Raaper’s Eatery and Ale.

Someone damaged a door on a rental unit on Unumb Street.

An officer pulled over a vehicle on 6th Avenue East near Victor Street and cited the driver for having a revoked license, possessing a small amount of marijuana and having no proof of insurance.

Someone stole a wallet from a locker at the YMCA and used a credit card.

Dispatch received 12 reports of accidents or vehicles sliding into ditches from 5:01 to 10:10 p.m.

Someone pounded on a resident’s door on Jefferson Street for more than a half hour while yelling for the person to let him in. An officer issued citations for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

February 21

A resident on Springdale Drive reported that someone was using her credit card.

Between 9 p.m. and midnight, officers made nine traffic stops, most of them for equipment violations and speeding.

February 22

Two drivers were reportedly drag racing down Broadway and then slowing down and blocking traffic. An officer spoke to the drivers about their conduct.

February 23

A resident called police, saying he was shot by someone with an Airsoft gun. A juvenile suspect was cited for underage alcohol consumption.

February 24

A school bus broke down on County Road 22 at about 7:20 a.m. Officers assisted at the scene by flashing their lights while the children were transferred to another bus.