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February 3

A resident in Evansville reported that someone in a vehicle parked on Nelson Street was using a spotting light at 5:30 a.m.

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Snowmobiles drove across a resident’s land on Birchwood Terrace to get to Lake Carlos even though the resident has “no trespassing” signs posted. Someone also parked on the road and pulled a portable fish house across his land.

Deputies provided toll-free numbers to a Garfield resident who was almost out of propane.

February 4

A resident on Waterfowl Drive SW, Alexandria reported that five or six helicopters were flying around her residence, shining lights on her property. A deputy investigated and found that LifeLink was doing training.


February 3

A resident on 22nd Avenue reported the theft of a Yamaha generator.

Officers responded to a pickup truck that caught fire near Iowa Street at 3:08 p.m.

Dispatch received a report of a four-door black car pulling an individual on a snowboard on 17th Avenue East. An officer talked to those involved and they agreed to stop what they were doing.

February 4

Video games, a phone charger, tablet and a camera were stolen from a residence and vehicle on Kenwood Street.

An estimated $1,200 worth of copper coil tubing was stolen from the roof air conditioning system at Viking Plaza.