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POLICE December 24

A Ford Taurus left the roadway on 30th Avenue West and crashed into the chain link fence at the airport, damaging the fence and the vehicle. No injuries were reported.

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December 26

Someone damaged a glass door facing the city parking lot at 509 Broadway.

A driver reported that her key was stuck in her ignition and that she couldn’t get it out. An officer helped free the key.

December 27

A man came into Perkins Family Restaurant and was very rude to a waitress. He threw things around and left, stating he would be back. He was wearing “Goth-like” clothing with long gloves, black baggy pants and black boots, and had multiple piercings and a closely shaved head with designs cut into his hair.

SHERIFF December 24

An Alexandria Police Department squad car hit a utility pole near North Nokomis and Dale Street. No injuries were reported.

Someone damaged the Pepsi machine at Arrowwood Resort.

Deputies assisted at the scene of four crashes or vehicles that were in a ditch. In one of the calls, a flatbed was called to tow away a vehicle from the Lake Latoka rest area because it was so badly damaged. The vehicle hit median barrier cables, taking out about 10 posts. No serious injuries were reported.

December 25

Deputies assisted with multiple rollovers that happened on an icy curve near mile post 115.

Deputies offered mutual aid for a shed fire that happened in Pope County.

December 26

A man called the State Patrol, saying that at 5:45 p.m. he witnessed a plane breaking up in a ball of fire and crashing south of Interstate-94 just south of Brandon. Deputies checked a several mile radius around the Brandon exit and found no evidence of a crash. A trooper reported seeing a meteor in the sky at about the same time.