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Editor’s note: In response to requests from many readers, the Echo Press is bringing back the police and sheriff blotter. The following is a snapshot of just some of the calls that the Alexandria Police Department responded to in the past week. Future blotter items will also include the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

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November 13 Two vehicles, a Silverado and a Ford Escort, crashed in the law enforcement building parking lot at the Alexandria Technical College.

A woman reported a “very strange” sickly sweet smell in her neighborhood on Scenic Heights Road. She said it wasn’t marijuana. An officer investigated and said it could be coming from the SunOpta plant.

The rear license plate was stolen from a vehicle parked at Casey’s General Store or the Lakewood Apartments.

November 14 A woman reported that a driver of an older maroon Mercury tried to race her on Broadway and ran a stoplight. The suspect was cited.

An officer pulled over a driver for not having two children in car seats. One child was sitting in another’s lap in the back seat. The driver was cited.

A landlord reported that one of her renters has too many animals – four cats and one dog. The lease states than no animals are allowed.

Officers investigated a report of suspicious activity in the Hennen’s Furniture private parking lot. The caller said someone in an SUV was “giving away stuff” out of his vehicle. It turned out to be an insurance representative giving frozen turkeys to other agents. He was told to move to another lot.

A wallet, iPhone, jacket, pants and other items were reported stolen from a locker and vehicle at the YMCA.

The Grand Rapids Police Department contacted Alexandria Police Department to tell a local resident to stop harassing family members via Facebook. The resident blocked them from her Facebook and agreed not to communicate with them anymore.

November 15 A 600-gallon fuel tank was stolen from 1311 Irving Street.

A vacant home and barn at 1204 Highway 29 North was broken into. Extra patrol was requested.

November 16 Someone turned on the outside water to a house on Geneva Road and cut the wire for Internet service.

A resident reported that his car window was smashed and a purse was stolen out of the vehicle, which was parked on the west side of the skating rink.

A resident on North McKay Avenue brought in a wallet his dog dug up. It looked like the wallet has been lost for a long time. Police are trying to track down the owner.

Someone stole a DeWalt saw out of a refrigerator on North Park Street.

November 17 During a three-hour period beginning shortly before 1 a.m., officers responded to three fights/disturbances and three noise complaints at different locations throughout the city.