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APD wages war on warrants

Fugitives attempting to outrun the law in Alexandria have encountered a force to be reckoned with — the Alexandria Police Department.

Since April, the APD has arrested 34 individuals on outstanding warrants within its jurisdiction in the city of Alexandria. APD Chief Rick Wyffels said the criminals were, and will continue to be, aggressively pursued. 

"The APD believes in holding people accountable," Wyffels said. "It's in the best interest of our community. We take it seriously." 


The warrants issued were for a range of crimes including drug related offenses, theft, domestic violence and failure to appear. Generally, most people are arrested within a year of a warrant being issued, although Wyffels said there are instances where it could be up to five years.

Wyffels said his officers make it a point to look for people who are wanted on warrants. If word is out that a wanted person is in town, officers will be knocking on doors. Once located, the fugitive will have their day in court before a judge.

"I am proud of our officers for their efforts and for their risks to help our community stay safe," Wyffels said.

One fugitive called the chief to see if he would be arrested should he return to Alexandria for a funeral. Wyffels said he told him to take care of his responsibility and his life would be more peaceful.

"Take care of your warrant professionally, see the judge, get it behind you," Wyffels advises.

Sooner or later a criminal will pop back on the grid. Running a driver's license during a traffic stop anywhere in the nation will alert law enforcement that a person has a warrant out for their arrest through the National Crime Information Center. If an offense is serious enough, the arrestee could be extradited.

If a person wants to turn themselves in they can call the APD at (320) 763-6631 or stop by the office at 501 3rd Avenue West in Alexandria.

APD 2012 STATS In addition to 34 fugitives being arrested on warrants in recent months, the APD's 21 licensed police officers also provided the following in 2012: 13,815 Calls for service

2,747 Traffic stops

910 Misdemeanor arrests

681 Traffic accidents

189 Domestic violence calls

136 Theft charges

114 Felony arrests

71 DUI arrests

64 Gross misdemeanor arrests

13 Forfeited vehicles

Information provided by the APD's redesigned website,

Crystal Dey

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