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Hensley tells his side of story

Steven Hensley, a candidate for Douglas County District 4 commissioner, provided the following statement concerning the criminal charges that have been filed against him.

"In my life I've learned several lessons the hard way. In the past I wrote two checks to two different entities. Both checks were returned with non-sufficient funds in the account, and the matters were eventually referred to the county attorney's office. When I wrote the checks, I had the mentality that I will hurry up and get the money in my account to cover them. Sadly, things didn't work out that way. I now find myself in a situation, which was solely caused by a serious error of judgment on my part. Times are tough, and for quite a few months I haven't been receiving consistent income; part of the problem was I just have not had the money to pay these bills in full. The other part was I didn't stay on top of the matter to resolve it like I should have.

"But that does not excuse what I did and I am not looking to pass the blame to someone else. In every way possible I am standing up to this mistake and taking responsibility. If I have to lose this election because of it, then so be it. On a personal level the entire experience has been one of serious lessons learned. I meet consistently with people who advise me on financial and life in general matters, I've thrown away the checkbook months ago, and I have gotten a lot better at keeping in touch with those whom I owe money to.

"All I can do is hold my head up high and move on in my life with the experiences under my belt; the lessons I have learned have made me a better person. Life has improved dramatically and I feel I am on the right track. Restitution is being made for the checks. If anyone, whether they are in my district or not, wants to know more information regarding these incidences, please ask. I have always said I will be accountable and open to the people I hope to serve, and this does not change that. I regret letting all of you down, I am sorry to the individuals who I wronged, and I am especially sorry to those of you who I have likely lost confidence from. Rest assured, however, that this will not happen again."