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Sign thefts frustrate local realtor

Realtor signs have been reported stolen in the Alexandria area.

Alexandria realtor Sheryl Bakewell said many of the signs she's placed have been stolen off the properties.

Three signs on South Darling Drive, others by Lake Ida and arrow signs on Crestwood Drive have been stolen recently, said Bakewell.

One sign that was placed on a property last week was stolen overnight, added Bakewell.

This is especially upsetting to Bakewell since she purchases the signs herself. The cost of a smaller arrow sign is about $25 and a regular sign is about $50.

Bakewell orders about $400 worth of signs for each season and said that she is already out of the arrow signs because of the thefts.

She mentioned that not only her signs have been stolen, but also various other business signs have been taken.

The motive for the thefts is anyone's guess but Bakewell believes the thieves may be taking the signs for their own use by converting them into garage sale signs.

There are consequences for stealing signs.

Scott Kent of the Alexandria Police Department said that these crimes would most likely be considered a misdemeanor.

If the thefts add up to $500 or more, the crime could be considered a felony.

The penalties, if convicted of a gross misdemeanor, can be up to a year in jail and/or a $3,000 penalty or fine, said Kent.

The Douglas County Sheriff's office has had two recent reports of sign thefts. One report included two real estate signs; the other report consisted of two auction signs.

If the same individual committed the crime, the crime would be considered a misdemeanor.

Those who have information about sign thefts are encouraged to call local law enforcement at (320) 762-8151.