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Law Enforcement Blotter: August 31 - September 3


Friday, August 31

Assist other agency, motorcycle crash, Hunters Bay Road, Highway 114.

Stolen vehicle, caller reported car stolen, Brandon.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, County Road 40, Highway 114.

Fire, house fire, Chippewa Heights, Brandon.

Criminal damage to property, bank was paint balled, MIltona.

Driving complaint, caller reported truck pulling trailer with doors open, horses inside, vehicle stopped, doors were secured.

Juvenile trouble, toddler in the middle of the street, Evansville.

Driving complaint, vehicle with no plates.

Fire, house fire, 115th Avenue.

Driving complaint, vehicle all over the road.

Driving complaint, truck all over the road, Brandon.

Saturday, September 1

Suspicious person, caller reported an intoxicated man sleeping on his porch, person was located passed out on chair porch, said he was walking home from bar when he got lost, deputy gave him a ride home, a block away, Carlos.

Assist other agency, theft of a dirt bike, Osakis.

Suspicious activity, car in wildlife management area, looks like its been there awhile, owner located, person was mushroom hunting, Evansville.

Suspicious activity, caller reported two trucks dropped off two pitbulls and left, animals are now running loose in the neighborhood.

Found property, caller woke up to find a four-wheeler in the yard.

Criminal damage to property, cord was removed from back of security camera and camera was turned down, Osakis.

Water complaint, pontoon capsizing, brought people back to shore, helped renter bring boat back to marina, Lake Carlos.

Water complaint, kids jumping off the bridge, told to leave, Lake Darling.

Animal complaint, caller reported four horses on the road, checked on, horses back in the fence.

Driving complaint, caller reported driver passed on the right in the construction zone on the interstate.

Shooting complaint, caller reported driver of truck drove by swamp on property, shot at ducks two different times.

Shooting complaint, caller reported two kids shooting high powered rifles at birds on power lines while parents are not home, grandpa told them to stop, Osakis.

Driving complaint, caller reported two vehicles with intoxicated people getting ready to leave the river, Carlos.

Drunk, report of an intoxicated man out of control, damaging his own property.

Suspicious activity, caller reported vehicle parked, teenage occupants ran out of vehicle, through the neighborhood.

Property damage crash, vehicle backed into another vehicle, would like report for insurance.

Boat property damage, one boat struck another boat while fishing, one person arrested for DWI, Lake Miltona.

Assist other agency, caller said male party busted out her window, killed her cat, parties checked on, male did not break window or kill cat, caller was intoxicated.

Assist other agency, report of male and female walking up and down street saying they are going to kill people and have a gun, charged with disorderly conduct.

Firecracker complaint, loud booms coming from neighbors to the north, Kensington.

Noise complaint, caller reported loud people at the lodge, Lake Latoka.

Fight, caller reported two people out back fighting, bartender trying to break it up, one person arrested for disorderly conduct, Miltona.

Sunday, September 2

Suspicious vehicle, caller reported vehicle in cemetery, area checked, all OK, person prays at the cemetery each morning.

Suspicious vehicle, checked on vehicle using wrong lane of traffic, driver was delivering phone books.

Animal complaint, caller reported close to 30 turkeys out and running on and alongside the road, County Road 3.

Theft, caller reported theft of fish house from his yard, Maple Lane NE.

Motorist assist, camper on side of road with flashers on, nobody around, information passed on to State Patrol.

Property damage crash, vehicle versus deer, minor crash, County Road 5.

Vehicle in ditch, person arrested for DWI, possession, small amount of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, Farwell.

Monday, September 3

Suspicious activity, caller reported pickup drove by his house this morning and thinks it’s suspicious, nothing specific about suspicions, truck had business name from metro area, caller thought that was odd, Osakis.

Fraud, caller was scammed out of $1,000, Kensington.

Motorist assist, out with semi blocking access to winery.

Dog bite, caller reported wife was bitten by dog while walking to post office, Nelson.

Patrol activity, woman walking in the ditch was checked on, was looking for caterpillars to use for school project, Garfield.

Assist other agency, two males fighting in the grass.

Animal complaint, cattle and a horse on the road, Hoffman.


Friday, August 31

Property damage crash, caller hit a deer and is covered in glass, McKay Ave, Highway 29 N.

Public assist, caller reported vehicles keep blocking him in from a moving sale neighbor is having.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, minor crash, 50th Avenue W.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, no injuries, North Nokomis NE.

Personal injury crash, state report, 30th Avenue, Highway 29 S.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, minor crash, Broadway Street.

Theft, caller believes phone was stolen from vehicle while at Menards.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, minor crash report, Highway 29 S.

Theft, caller reported someone stole the Amazon package from her mailbox.

Criminal damage to property, caller reported someone ripped the door handle off her car, S. McKay Avenue.

Property damage crash, three vehicles, minor crash report, 3rd Avenue E., Nokomis Street.

Shoplifting, male shoplifter in custody, citation for theft.

Check welfare of a person, caller reported female walking northbound, doesn’t appear to know what’s going on, person arrested for obstructing legal process, minor consumption, public nuisance.

Firecracker complaint, caller stated house behind is letting off large fireworks, leaving a lot of smoke in backyard.

Driving complaint, vehicle swerving and crossing lanes.

Saturday, September 1

Drunk, report of drunk male walking in the middle of the road.

Noise complaint, caller stated it is loud at bars/restaurants and it is already 1:15 a.m.

Motorist assist, semi blocking intersection.

Hit and run, caller noticed vehicle had been side-swiped.

Suspicious activity, neighbor wants to report an open front door and screen door, has been open since last night, spoke with owner, all is fine, doors were shut when officer arrived.

Driving complaint, vehicle driving erratically.

Suspicious person, caller reported man working his way up the street, knocking on doors, asking people their religious beliefs.

Animal complaint, husky puppy running around field and road.

Suspicious activity, vehicle circling the alley.

Theft, report of bike theft from rack at Foundation Hall, 17th Avenue E.

Public assist, caller reported son is moving into apartment and current tenants are not moved out, can’t get a hold of landlord.

Assist other agency, deputy found check inside vehicle on traffic stop for a large sum of money, concerned it may be fraudulent.

Public assist, driver for bus line reported male drinking alcohol on bus, not allowed, man escorted off bus.

Driving complaint, caller stated vehicle passed another vehicle on the shoulder and is driving recklessly.

Driving complaint, caller reported vehicle harassing others, passed on shoulder on right.

Suspicious person, caller reported man was squatting by garage.

Noise complaint, report of several vehicles burning tires, one person on PA system.

Hit and run, vehicle hit wooden box, then left.

Noise complaint, caller stating several people outside, being noisy.

Sunday, September 2

Fight, report of fight in parking lot between group of people.

Traffic hazard, report of tree limb across the roadway.

Criminal damage to property, caller reported broken window on vehicle, Roosevelt Street.

Check welfare of a person, caller reported male laying in grass outside her window, thinks he might need help, person checked on, fine, waiting for his mother to pick him up.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, minor crash report, Highway 29 S.

Property damage crash, minor crash, 50th Avenue W.

Driving complaint, report of vehicle that ran a red light, almost striking comp’s vehicle, comp had to slam on brakes to avoid being hit, all caller’s groceries ended up on the floorboard.

Suspicious person, comp said man from in the morning was now wandering around apartment, tried asking daughter who was in apartment, wanted to come in and take shower, man has not left, making caller uneasy.

Animal complaint, caller said neighbor’s dog won’t leave caller’s porch.

Check welfare of a person, truck with two people in front seat, slumped over, possibly sleeping.

Stolen vehicle, caller reported car missing, Willow Drive.

Driving complaint, slow driver, crossing the lines.

Animal complaint, two small dogs barking constantly.

Noise complaint, caller state neighbor is being loud and caller is trying to sleep.

Suspicious activity, caller stated a young girl was walking on the road by herself and a vehicle was following her.

Monday, September 3

Drunk, report of intoxicated male, pushing people, being very belligerent.

Suspicious activity, report of man, possibly an employee not on duty, acting strange, laying down on the road.

Animal complaint, cat under deck appears sick or has broken leg.

Drug related activity, caller found bag full of drug paraphernalia, has person on video.

Theft, bike was stolen while shopping.

Property damage crash, no injuries, state report, Highway 29 S.

Animal complaint, caller has issues with neighbor’s dogs running free, coming in caller’s yard, messing with caller’s dog.

Fight, two men fighting in grass.

Driving complaint, two vehicles heading down Broadway going approximately 60-70 mph.

Drug related activity, strong smell of marijuana.

Animal complaint, report of dog walking southbound on road.

Property damage crash, vehicle versus deer, North McKay Avenue.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

Celeste Edenloff

Celeste is a reporter for the Alexandria Echo Press and has lived in the Alexandria Lakes Area since 1997. She first worked for the Echo Press as a reporter from 1999 to 2011, and returned in June 2016 to report on the community she calls home. Besides writing articles for the Echo Press, she has a blog, “Newspaper Girl on the Run.” Celeste is on a continuous healthy living journey and loves to teach bootcamp fitness classes and run. She has participated in more than 200 races with her husband, Al, covering the 5K, 10K, 10-mile and half-marathon (13.1 mile) distances.

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