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Law Enforcement Blotter: Monday, April 9 and Tuesday, April 10


Monday, April 9

Suspicious activity, female party intoxicated and emotional, Alex.

Suspicious vehicle, driver and passenger stopped to talk, vehicle cleared from the access, Alex.

Theft, theft of checks from cabin, Alex.

Public assist, questions about a vehicle title, Alex.

Harassment, has been getting phone calls from a fake insurance company offering coverage, Alex.

Juvenile trouble, girlfriend's kids shot holes through the walls and window, Alex.

Missing person, called back, all OK, Ashby.

Civil matter, she sold a vehicle to person who lives at location, the check is no good, Alex.

Property damage crash, 3rd St W, Brandon.

Tuesday, April 10

Check welfare of person, all OK, Glenwood.

Public assist, comp wanting advice on what to do with a tenant’s property while they are incarcerated, Alex.

Drunk driver complaint, comp is a friend of the family and thinks person one has been drinking.

911 hangup, accidental call by child, Evansville.

911 hangup, all OK, Alex.

Suspicious vehicle, sitting across from her house with headlights on for approximately half hour or longer, Alex.


Monday, April 9

Property damage crash, 22nd Ave E/Broadway St.

Juvenile trouble, student refusing to go to class.

Property damage crash, Jefferson St.

Drug-related activity, found possible drugs and paraphernalia left behind and would like officer to dispose of the items.

Theft, gas drive off.

Theft, purse is missing and she believes it has been stolen.

Harassment, texting and calling them and he showed up to their house.

Public assist, wanted officer to test her nasal spray to make sure it worked and also thought a lighter was missing.

Suicide threats, Facebook post that she wishes she was dead.

Drug-related activity, strong smell of marijuana.

Tuesday, April 10

Public assist, vehicle stuck in snow.

Check welfare of person, person overslept, all OK.

Suspicious activity, received a report from the Department of Homeland Security regarding some suspicious activity.

Civil matter, person wanted officer to be aware that he was going to get his vehicle from someone that was supposed to buy it.

Juvenile trouble.

Attempted fraud/scam, comp received a message on her machine that she felt was threatening.

Check welfare of person, comp reporting her roommate is hallucinating and is in the garage, comp believes he may harm himself, was just released from hospital on alcohol withdrawals, person stated he was fine and was not going to hurt himself or anyone else.

Sexual assault report, person one was assaulted on Saturday night.

Property damage crash, 50th Ave W/State Hwy 29 S.

Traveler’s aid, party is trying to get to Mankato, helped with bus ticket.

Public assist, unwanted person in the store.

Property damage crash, 10th Ave E/Jefferson St.

Public assist, scam.

Public assist, kids hanging out and throwing snowballs at things.

Suspicious activity, a guest called the front desk and stated they thought someone was stealing their spare tire off their trailer.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

Beth Leipholtz

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