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Miltona man gets eight and half years in prison for meth crime

A 39-year-old Miltona man was sentenced last Friday to 104 months in prison after he was convicted of a first degree controlled substance crime involving methamphetamine.

On December 14, 2011, Chad Michael Larson was caught transporting 217 grams of meth that had a street value of $48,000.

It was Larson's fifth felony drug conviction and he was on felony drug probation at the time of the offense, according to Douglas County Attorney Chad Larson (no relation to the suspect).

According to court documents, here is how Larson was apprehended:

An agent with the West Central Narcotics Task Force was conducting surveillance on a green Lincoln Continental driven by Larson. The agent contacted a state trooper to inform him that Larson was returning from the St. Cloud area and was traveling toward Miltona.

The agent gave the trooper a description of the vehicle, an approximate location and the license plate number.

The trooper spotted a vehicle matching the description on Douglas County Road 5 that was going over the 55 mile per speed limit.

The trooper pulled over the driver, who produced a license identifying him as Chad Larson but was unable to provide proof of insurance.

The trooper, after observing a large pit pull in the front seat, asked Larson to sit in front of his squad car.

After asking Larson a few questions, the trooper asked if he could walk his K9 around Larson's vehicle.

The dog, trained to detect narcotics, indicated that traces of the drug were on the door handles of the vehicle and under the car.

When the trooper told Larson that he had probable cause to search the vehicle, Larson protested and said that he had borrowed the car from a co-worker.

After Larson agreed to remove the pit bull from the car, a trooper and a sheriff's deputy, who had arrived on scene, searched the interior of the vehicle, along with the K9.

They found a Thermos-type container under the seat and discovered what appeared to be crystal methamphetamine.

Larson was placed under arrest. The substance tested positive for meth.

Narcotics agents then obtained a search warrant at Larson's residence in Miltona. They found several drug-related items, including packaging material, syringes, meth and marijuana pipes, a plastic baggie containing broken pills, a box containing $102 in cash and multiple bags containing trace amounts of a green, leafy substance.

Larson was charged with possession of methamphetamine in excess of 10 grams with the intent to sell it.

After a court trial held in December, Judge Ann Carrott found Larson guilty.

His vehicle is also being forfeited through the county attorney's office.