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Burglary in Glenwood leads to arrests

Three suspects were arrested in connection with a burglary in Glenwood early Thursday morning.

At 4:11 a.m., Glenwood police officers responded to a silent security alarm at Waska Wash Laundromat, 14 6th Avenue NW, Glenwood.

One of the officers spotted a man fleeing from the scene.

Police didn't find anyone inside the laundromat. Authorities believe the burglars got into the building through a window. An interior door leading to the dry cleaning area of the business had been broken open and a coin-operated video machine was also broken into and some money may have been taken from it.

An immediate search and investigation followed, which included the Glenwood Police Department, Pope County Sheriff's Office and its K-9 Unit.

Three suspects were later located in various parts of Glenwood and were arrested. One other person was questioned and released.

Arrested were Phillip Vera, 19, of Willmar, Paulo Portillo, 18, of Walnut Grove and Erick Torres, 22, of Willmar.

They were arraigned on charges of burglary in the second and third degree and appeared in Pope County Court on Friday.

The Glenwood Police Department thanks members of the community who called in with information and assisted with the case, noted Chief David Thompson.