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Officers render 'essential' CPR services Saturday night, saving man's life on lake

Two officers proved how essential they were when a Fish Hook Lake resident suffered a heart attack Saturday evening in the water.

State Trooper Nick Tabbert and Park Rapids police officer Justin Frette performed CPR on the man, saving his life. He was identified as 79-year-old Walter "Jim" Kimble.

According to Hubbard County Chief Deputy Scott Parks, family members pulled Kimble from the water. He'd apparently been walking or wading between two docks at the time he suffered the heart attack.

Tabbert and Frette worked on Kimble until medical personnel arrived, Parks said, and took over the resuscitation efforts.

Kimble was airlifted to a Fargo hospital where his condition is unknown, but believed to be in a coma.

Trooper Dion Pederson was also assisting at the scene, according to the report.

The home was located near County Road 1. The incident occurred just after 7 p.m.

Sheriff Cory Aukes said in a second weekend incident, a 3-year-old girl fell under water in Lake Benedict. She was taken by family members to Walker, where emergency personnel at the ambulance garage there revived her, the sheriff said.

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