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Law Enforcement Blotter: Monday, February 12 and Tuesday, February 13


Monday, February 12

Suspicious activity, fish house broken into, Lake Victoria.

Theft, from fish house, Lake Victoria.

Fire, garage on fire, Alex.

Assault, Brandon.

911 hangup, phone issues, Alex.

Suspicious vehicle, civil issue regarding payments, Osakis.

Stolen vehicle, let person one drive vehicle, female arrested Feb. 11 and says she doesn’t know where vehicle is, person two believed to be in possession, Evansville.

Suspicious activity, comp noticed damage to his garage doors after getting home from a vacation, Garfield.

Suspicious activity, caller says that person one is sitting outside the job site waiting for them to close up, concerned that a former employee is going to break in and steal or cause damage to the solar site, Osakis.

Tuesday, February 13

Public assist, stand by for property exchange, Evansville.

Suspicious activity, Farwell.


Monday, February 12

Suspicious person, white male party has been there for five hours and seems to be getting agitated.

Public assist, would like to speak with officer about rental property.

Check welfare of person, check welfare on female employee, they are unable to reach her.

Fight/assault, verbal between adult brother and sister.

Public assist, someone swapped computers with him and he wants his back.

Check welfare of person, person two threatened suicide on Saturday night, no one has heard from him since, transported to ER.

Public assist, male party escorted to ER due intoxication and suicide attempt.

Hit and run, 50th Ave W.

Public assist, gas drive off.

Civil matter, sold a vehicle, person has not paid.

Public assist, caller said that she was in the basement and heard footsteps upstairs, also said someone came into her house last night and took pills out of her purse.

Check welfare of person, has not heard from her daughter since Feb. 2, would like her checked on.

Check welfare of person, caller said brother was making strange comments and is crying, called back, all OK.

Public assist, comp says there is a 9-year-old girl in her home that she can't wake up.

Tuesday, February 13

Public assist, son went on a date to the theater, has not heard from him since 10:30 p.m., made contact.

Public assist, is not getting the money she is owed out of her GoFundMe page.

Stolen vehicle.  

Public assist, comp needs to get girlfriend’s property from this address.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle broke down.  

Property damage crash, 3rd Ave E.

Theft, account closed, check in amount of $380.58.

Personal injury crash, 30th Ave W/State Hwy 29 S.

Juvenile trouble.

Suspicious activity, male selling electronics from the back of vehicle, unable to locate.

Property damage crash, State Hwy 29 S.

Theft, gas drive off.

Suicide threats, person one was let go from job today, manager received what seemed to be suicidal messages from her.

Harassment, person one continues to call hotel to harass her ex-boyfriend, manager would like an officer to contact her to ask her to stop because it is affecting his job with them.

Harassment, ex-husband will not stop texting.

Juvenile trouble, young boy keeps throwing ice at son while he is skating.

Public assist, would like assistance with a Colorado identification.

Public assist, believes ex-girlfriend keeps hacking into his Facebook.

Harassment, ex-girlfriend has been sitting outside comp’s home trying to get her current girlfriend to come outside to fight.

Public assist, concerned his girlfriend did not get off the bus from Colorado.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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