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Law Enforcement Blotter: Friday, February 9 through Sunday, February 11


Friday, February 9

Suspicious vehicle, at access, person one and two were just hanging out, Lake Carlos.

Check welfare of person, elderly female seems disoriented on phone and had slurred speech, caller concerned for a possible stroke or other medical condition, person one is at clinic, Alex.

Criminal damage to property, comp's fish house was vandalized while parked at his house, Alex.

Criminal damage to property, mailbox hit, Alex.

Theft, someone broke into his fish house, Lake Charlie.

Fire, large brush fire being attended to, Brandon.

Suspicious vehicle, employees/family of owner were on site working, Alex.

Saturday, February 10

Fire, fire was caused by a gas heater, minor damage to the structure, no injuries, Brandon.

Suicide threats, comp stating her sister called her to say goodbye because she is going to take pills due to the amount of uncontrolled pain she has been in lately, Alex.

Suicide threats, her child's father is threatening to harm himself, Brandon.

Check welfare of person, female walking on road, blew a tire, Miltona.

Sunday, February 11

Suspicious activity, male at the residence said he was kidnapped, jumped from a moving vehicle occupied by two males, no guns, but knives in the car, Alex.

Fire, vehicle, Garfield.

Threats, male left her house intoxicated, threatened to slash her tires, Alex.

Theft, fish house break in, Lake Le Homme Dieu.


Friday, February 9

911 hangup, female called back, she got in a fight with her boyfriend and said he took off running.

Public assist, elderly females dog just stopped breathing and is unsure what to do, dog was still breathing, advised to call a vet.

Suspicious activity, comp reporting possible attempted burglary to his duplex and car.

Suicide threats.

Drug-related activity, smell of marijuana.

Juvenile trouble, mother took custody of child.

Public assist.

Suspicious activity, unknown person called the store asking if they had 100 percent cotton paper like money is printed on.

Juvenile trouble, 11-year-old female out of control and assaulting people.

Check welfare of person, questions/concerns about daughter.

Theft, comp reporting the theft of a sign from her hair salon.

Theft, tires stolen from car.

Juvenile trouble.

Public assist, driver was assaulted by a male in a wheelchair.

Check welfare of person, person four is watching person one while his parents are on vacation, person one tried to call his brother to asked about his Xbox and dialed the wrong number.

Property damage crash, 50th Ave W/Twin Blvd.

Theft, wants to report the theft of seven guns from his vehicle last night.

Check welfare of person, comp has not seen her neighbor in almost a month, furnace is off and no one was home.

Check welfare of person, comp kicked roommate out because he had drug paraphernalia and pills in his room, person texted him that he took a whole bottle of pills and is going to jump off a bridge.

Public assist, male walking, refused assistance.

Suspicious activity, female was being very evasive in answering any questions.

Saturday, February 10

Suspicious person, walking home, no assistance needed.

Suspicious person, just out for a walk.

Suspicious activity, says brother is pacing back and forth in the house and believes he is freaking out on drugs, brought to hospital.

Theft, comp's vehicle has been stolen.

Civil matter, sister won’t bring vehicle back.

Suspicious activity, caller stating that there are people that are going to kill him, says they have guns and that it’s a biker gang, taken to ER.

Suspicious vehicle, group of people getting into a vehicle in the parking lot while clinic is closed.

Harassment, caller says that her ex husband keeps texting her and won't leave her alone.

Public assist, would like an escort to drop some property off.

Public assist, carbon monoxide alarms going off even after battery change.

Suspicious person, male party came in trying to pick up car he said he bought online but would not show any ID or proof of purchase.

911 hangup, all OK.

Public assist, sprinkler head broke and doors are frozen shut.

Check welfare of person, comp stating there is an intoxicated female walking in and out of traffic, advised to stay out of traffic.

Property damage crash, Karl Dr NW.

Drug-related activity, marijuana.

Hit and run, N Nokomis NE.

Suspicious person, male pounding her door, wouldn't leave her house, person was lost and intoxicated.

Public assist, comp states someone is messing with her phone.

Sunday, February 11

Suspicious vehicle, fixing car.

Criminal damage to property, comp states a party damaged a supply closet door.

Public assist, says bar won’t give him his cell phone.

Assault, male stating he was just accosted.

Suicide threats, party on the phone stating she is having anxiety and thoughts of self harm, taken to ER.

Threats, party in the front lobby wants to report threats she received at work..

Property damage crash, 34th Ave W/State Hwy 29 S.

Hit and run, State Hwy 29 S.

Theft, inmate making theft report.

Criminal damage to property, someone at location keyed daughter’s car and put dirt in the gas tank.

Suspicious vehicle, comp states a white SUV comes and parks in front of her house frequently then leaves when she comes outside.

Public assist, comp states there is a homeless guy sleeping on the couch as you enter the front entry, he states he was asked to leave yesterday and came back today.

Sexual assault report, resident reported an abuse case.

Public assist, comp reporting his neighbor had the key to his apt but passed away last week and now his brother has the key and will not give it back to the comp.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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