Law Enforcement Blotter: Thursday, Dec. 28 through Monday, January 1



Friday, December 29

Public assist, upset that treatment center will not allow him into the house because he does not have his paperwork, Alex.

Suspicious activity, white Focus and fish house blocking the access, house looks abandoned, owner will move it later, Miltona.

Check welfare of person, Brandon.

Harassment, ongoing civil issue between property owner and electrician, Alex.

Death investigation, Evansville.

Suicide threats, patient called clinic stating he believes he would be better off not here, said he was going to sit in his running vehicle and take pills, Carlos.

Public assist, picked up person one's dog and brought to humane society per owner's request, Alex.

Saturday, December 30

Public assist, not able to get computer printer back from elderly male that was going to fix it for her, Evansville.

Public assist, child custody exchange, Eagle Bend.

Gas leak, strong smell of gas in house, Kensington.

Trespassing complaint, people in truck driving across their property to get on the lake to fish, Alex.

Public assist, Alex.

Sunday, December 31

Utility company call, furnace is out and would like West Central contacted, Evansville.

Threats, male with a gun, person one arrested for second-degree assault, domestic assault and terroristic threats, Alex.

Theft, guest left without paying a $600 bill, Alex.

Suspicious activity, comp and family just heard one very loud boom that he feels was a possible gun, he states they felt the vibration in the house, unable to locate the source, Brandon.

Stolen vehicle, comp stating his neighbor's son stole his trailer, ,miscommunication about which trailer person one could use, Alex.

Shooting complaint, comp just heard a gunshot in the area, unable to locate, Brandon.

Monday, January 1

Property damage crash, Co Rd 33 NW/Co Rd 5 NW, Evansville.

Property damage crash, Co Rd 120 NE, Alex.

Public assist, incident with foster child, Alex.

Public assist, comp got lost and is now stuck on a gravel road, cannot get out of the car because there is a coyote by the car, was able to push vehicle out of the approach they were stuck in, neither parties were impaired, person one stated it was a dog barking at him when he got out of the vehicle, Alex.

Suicide threats, two juvenile females there decided to kill themselves together, called and asked for law enforcement to get there soon, transporter to ER, Alex.

Harassment, answered questions for the comp and provided some options, Brandon.


Thursday, December 28

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle running at pumps, party was sleeping.

Property damage crash, 36th Ave W.

Suicide threats, comp says his wife hears voices that say she would be better off dead, request help in getting her a mental eval, transported to ER.

Property damage crash, Broadway St.

Hit and run, Broadway St.

Crash with other property, struck a sign, State Hwy 27 W.

Hit and run, 3rd Ave E.

Property damage crash, S Broadway St.

Public assist, money bag was taken out of her vehicle by her cousin and now her employer is taking the money out of her check.

Drug-related activity, maintenance worker at hotel can smell something odd coming from room.

Snowmobile complaint, on Birch Ave, unable to locate.

Suicide threats, male in vehicle in area yelling at her friend that he's going to kill himself.

Criminal damage to property, mailbox destroyed.

Crash, Darling Ave/N Park St.

Public assist, comp would like officer to make contact with her brother and have him call her as soon as possible.

Friday, December 29

Burglary, states two people are trying to get into her back window on lakeside of building.

Public assist, female was dropped off by her son and now none of the kids will answer to come and pick her up.

Public assist, patient has paperwork but they say they have no record of him.

Public assist, caught cat on property that comp would like to bring in.

Property damage crash, 6th Ave E/Nokomis St.

Property damage crash, 30th Ave E.

Public assist, comp called 911 extremely upset stating he is meeting female to receive legal paper, he believes she is blackmailing him.

Property damage crash, 30th Ave W/State Hwy 29 S.

Fraud, customer tried to deposit a bad check into account.

Property damage crash, 18th Ave E/Nokomis St.

Property damage crash, 13th Ave W/Fillmore St.

Theft, comp’s friend was buying laptop from person one, when they were exchanging goods, person one took the laptop and money and left.

Property damage crash, 3rd Ave W.

Fire, under trailer.

Suspicious vehicle, Melody Ln SE/Rosewood Cir SE.

Saturday, December 30

Public assist, comp stating there are people in the barn that will not leave.

Criminal damage to property, large window in front of business has been broken

Public assist, gas drive off.

Public assist, male needs to go to the hospital to see his wife but vehicle will not start.

Property damage crash, 22nd Ave W/Fillmore St.

Missing person, comp’s son left a note that he was going to Fleet Farm before 8 a.m. and has not returned home, child returned home an hour later.

Public assist, caller says there there is a female slandering her sisters name and would like something done about it.

Theft, someone took SIM card from phone.

Gas leak, strong gas smell coming from downstairs, it was nail polish.

Suicide threats, comp was just with male who stated he was going to overdose, taken to ER.

Sunday, December 31

Intoxicated female, drunk and emotional and vomiting in the lobby, taken to ER.

Check welfare of person, boyfriend is out ice fishing and has not come home yet, returned home.

Theft, phone stolen at the movie theater.

Harassment, getting harassed on newspaper site.

Drug-related activity, apartment building floor smells like marijuana.

Check welfare of person, concerned about neighbors daughter, she told comp the other day that she wanted to run away because her mom and sister are mean to her and believes they are using drugs, complaint was unfounded.

Harassment, believes daughter’s info was hacked and he is stalking her.

Property damage crash, State Hwy 29 S.

Public assist, comp has question regarding boyfriend’s juvenile sister.

Public assist, questions about operating a sober cab.

Gas leak, smells gas at intersection.

Suspicious vehicle, older white car with flashers on, unoccupied, vehicle was overheating, owner is responding to pick up vehicle.

Crash, someone hit her mailbox, Runestone Dr.

Monday, January 1

Intoxicated male, walking towards 3M wearing a black jacket and stumbling, gave ride home.

Prowler, comp stating someone was trying to get in her trailer.

Theft, overnight manager stating some guests would like to report a theft.

Missing person, comp states his 20-year-old vulnerable adult daughter is missing, comp made phone contact with daughter and she was on her way home.

Neighbor dispute, comp states his dad’s neighbor threatened to shoot his dog with a 22.

Theft, husband’s tool box was stolen out of the garage.

Theft, purse.

Public assist, comp would like to see an officer in person about his neighbor threatening to call the cops on him.

Prowler, comp stating the prowler from last night is back, she did see him squatting near her trailer earlier today.

Suspicious activity, comp says several cars have him blocked in, dispute over another incident that happened over the weekend, all parties told to leave one another alone.

Suspicious vehicle, white minivan has been parked in front of her house for 10 minutes and she knows it is an active area for the taskforce, gone on arrival.

Threats, comp stating a female has a knife and a baseball bat and is trying to get her.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.