31 township positions up for election


Here's a look at the township positions that are up for election in Douglas County this March and the current officeholder:

Alexandria Township: Supervisor Jeff Oberg.
Belle River Township: Supervisor Jeremy Fuller. Also, the clerk position is vacant.
Carlos Township: Clerk Rebecca Anderson and Supervisor Bill Krivanek.

Evansville Township: Supervisor Douglas Lee.

Holmes City Township: Clerk/Treasurer Christopher Wanner and Supervisor David Fahlin.

Hudson Township: Clerk Carol Hedlund and Supervisor Ron Fenelon.

Ida Township: Supervisor Jim Peterson.

LaGrand Township: Supervisor Gary Thoennes.

Lake Mary Township: Clerk Nichole Boyden and Supervisor Dean Radil.

Leaf Valley Township: Clerk Pamela Cuperus and Supervisor Keith Schultz.

Lund Township: Clerk Jessica Anderson and Supervisor Shawn Englund.

Millerville Township: Clerk Marilyn Bitzan and Supervisor Steve Boesl.

Moe Township: Clerk Todd Egenes and Supervisor John Krafthefer.

Orange Township: Clerk Jennifer Diedrich and Supervisor Mitch Zarbok.

Osakis Township: Clerk/Treasurer Dawn McNeal and Supervisor Howard Swenstad.

Solem Township: Clerk Marcy Holl and Supervisor Zachary Johnson.

Spruce Hill Township: Clerk Karen Kuhnau and Supervisor Terry Sather.

Urness Township: Supervisor Ryan Haseman.

Two other townships in the county, Brandon and Miltona, hold their elections in November.