Law Enforcement Blotter: Tuesday, December 26



Tuesday, December 26

Drunk driver complaint, Alex.

Check welfare of person, check on pedestrian, Brandon.

Fire, porch of trailer, Carlos.

Check welfare of person, comp is going through a separation, the estranged wife has been at interlachen since noon leaving their 9 and 12-year-old daughters home alone, both daughters were playing and eating popcorn, both stated they are just fine and mom will be home in a half hour, Alex.

Crash with other property, vehicle hit power box, E Lake Cowdry Rd NW, Alex.

Trespassing complaint, comp states that there are two trucks, a trailer and a four-wheeler in their driveway according to neighbors, miscommunication, parties had permission, Alex.  

Fire, vehicle was running in driveway and started on fire, Alex.

Sexual assault report, incident happened to her daughter on Dec. 16, Alex.


Tuesday, December 26

Suspicious activity, caller stated he needed cops because there was an armed robbery in progress, lost contact with him but he called back and stated it was a mistake and it was only a dog.

Fraud, forged check.

Suspicious activity, Facebook posts.

Suicide threats, reporting her sister told her she was thinking of suicide yesterday.

Traveler’s aid.

Burglary, comp reporting her house broken into while she was away for the weekend, she suspects her ex.

Criminal damage to property, tires slashed.

Juvenile trouble, female came to the house and threatened them with a taser.

Suspicious activity, believes items are missing from their home.

Threats, advised comp to block person two's phone number and obtain restraining order.

Trespassing complaint, person gave fake name to comp.

Suicide threats, female says she's feeling like she's wanting to run outside and die of hypothermia.

Suspicious person, stated there was a male sleeping in a movie, they woke him up, then he went to another movie, when she asked for his ticket, he raised his fists at her, person one intoxicated and bouncing around to different theatres.

Public assist, requesting APD officer to speak with inmate regarding his mother.

Criminal damage to property, pickup hit neighbor's mailbox, neighbor was aware.

Assault, male party states that another person hit him in the face, he is bleeding above the eye.

Suspicious activity, comp heard screaming from apartment next to his, he went over and knocked on the door for five minutes and no one would come to the door, persons one and two were wrestling.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.