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Law Enforcement Blotter: Thursday, December 7 through Sunday, December 10


Thursday, December 7

Suspicious vehicle, person one ran out of gas last night and came back to fill it up, Carlos.

Public assist, comp was staying with friends for two weeks with intention of living with them, it did not work out and she is trying to get her belongings but they are not responding, Alex.

Check welfare of person, driver reports fishing gear out on the ice with no one around, all OK, Alex.

Check welfare of person, comp got a report that person one is living in trailer with no heat and she has two small children, using space heaters and working with West Central Community Action to get furnace fixed, Garfield.

Friday, December 8

Public assist, reporting a dog has been running loose around her property and now is stuck in the chicken coop, Osakis.

Drug-related activity, mother of his children has been running drugs to Duluth with person one, believes they are leaving today with a load, Alex.

Suspicious activity, reporting money she dropped off in the city box for utilities went missing and the city isn't helping her, Carlos.

Fraud, bank told her to call and report fraudulent charges on her debit card, Alex.

Trespassing complaint, a vehicle went through gate and person is fishing, vehicle belonged to a friend of a party that had permission, Aldrich Lake.

Suicide attempt, received a call from a suicide hotline that person one had swallowed one and a half bottles of cold medicine, Alex.

Saturday, December 9

Fraud, comp sells vehicles and received fraudulent check from a buyer, Kensington.

Suspicious activity, male driving a twin cities wholesale offering to give them free meat, they were concerned because he was extremely aggressive with his sales, Alex.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle on a road for a couple of days, stated that it could be a stolen vehicle or a hunter not returned, Nelson.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle in her driveway, female inside and will not talk to the comp, person one arrested for second-degree DWI and open container, Alex.

Hit and run, Main St, Miltona.

Sunday, December 10

Suspicious vehicle, owner lives in house next to business.

Suspicious activity,tow driver has a suspicious request for a tow at the Brandon cemetery, caller stated their brakes had gone out and that they were in the cemetery, also stated their window had been broken out, Brandon.

Attempted fraud/scam, comp has house for sale and someone is trying to rent it out on Craigslist, Alex.

Assault, comp wants to report that a male party pushed her down last night at a Christmas party and put his hands around her neck, Alex.

Suspicious activity, comp reporting an airplane buzzed the house a moment ago, it flew very low right over the house was very loud and interrupted the Vikings game, Garfield.

Drug-related activity, comp has concerns for her brother that is doing drugs, he is in violation of his probation, Brandon.

Criminal damage to property, comp states their white fence was severely damaged by someone this weekend, Alex.

Abandoned vehicle, has been there for two weeks, Nelson.

Suspicious activity, comp says it looks as if someone tried to steal one of her fish houses, in the process they damaged another one of the houses, Brandon.

Suspicious vehicle, stated it looked like a 10-year-old was not allowed out of the car as the older male went in for coffee and the two younger males stood outside, person one stated it was people she knows inside the vehicle and everything is OK.

Check welfare of person, person one stated she was fine, she did not want any help and had plans to see her doctor in the morning about medications.


Thursday, December 7

Suspicious vehicle, black car followed him home, it is now sitting outside of his house and people threw something at his truck, comp knew people in the other vehicle and did not want to talk to them, stated he just wanted them out of the area.

Suspicious activity, light on in his white van parked across the street and would like an officer to drive by and shine a light in there, vehicle dome light left on in vehicle.

Public assist, person has money but can’t find any way to get to Morris.

Property damage crash, 5th Ave E/Broadway St.

Public assist, officer told comp yesterday they would meet her at her former employer to get paycheck.

Theft, gas drive off.

Juvenile trouble.

Property damage crash, Broadway St.

Property damage crash, State Hwy 29 S.

Juvenile trouble.

Traveler’s aid.

Trespassing complaint, former spouse has been coming to house uninvited, ongoing issue.

Hit and run, 17th Ave E.

Missing person, daughter did not show after school.

Property damage crash, 17th Ave E.

Theft, comp believes someone stole part of her nativity scene last night.

Threats, comp lives in a studio apartment above a garage, never had an agreement with her landlord in regards to when rent/utilities needed to be paid, today the landlord began screaming and almost hit comp because they wanted all the money today.

Suspicious vehicle, checked on person and vehicle at storage units, person one was renter of one of the units.

Fire, sprinklers going off, not sure if they have a fire or not.

Friday, December 8

911 hangup, initial call was an open line with a lot of yelling and swearing, on call back, male party stated he was fine and then hung up when asked more questions.

Trespassing complaint, no issues, four people standing outside away from the building waiting for a cab.

Restraining order violation, reporting a male keeps texting and calling her.

Hit and run, State Hwy 29 S.

Theft, ex-employee keeps charging fuel after being let go.

Property damage crash, 7th Ave E/Broadway St.

Property damage crash, Broadway St.

Harassment, male is upset with bank, stating he was coming back to get his money, account is in the process of getting shut down for being fraudulent, made some kind of threats towards people that put wife in prison, comp called back and indicated that it was taken care of.

Assault, comp said they were jumped by three males and beat up.

Sexual assault report, advocate called on behalf of victim that would like to make a report to officers.

Property damage crash, 34th Ave E/S Broadway St.

Property damage crash, S Le Homme Dieu Dr NE/State Hwy 29.

Suspicious activity, believes kids around knocking on doors in the neighborhood.

Violation of court order, in jail lobby stating he violated his conditions of release.

Public assist, male is out on bail and believes he will violation his conditions of release by using, would like to receive support.

Saturday, December 9

Public assist, comp picked up a fare and person vomited in the back seat, there is a $200 charge posted for such things, he became very belligerent and got back out of the taxi.

Restraining order violation, person two has been text messaging comp and they spoke on the phone yesterday.

Public assist, comp wants to know if he can park his semi overnight by location.

Suspicious activity, comp states there are people at location that were kicked out a month ago and they shouldn't be there.

Fire, oil leak in the boiler room.

Public assist, possible water leak from building running into the road, creating an icy patch.

Property damage crash, 3rd Ave E/Broadway St.

Trespassing complaint, former tenant that is not allow on property is at trailer now.

Public assist, ex-girlfriend is an unwanted guest and wants her to leave.

Threats, comp talked to someone about their loud truck, they came over and threatened him.

Check welfare of person, person one is being held against her will and being assaulted by person two, turned out to be a miscommunication.

Public assist, comp very upset and stated he wants person one arrested as she was at her trailer today.

Hit and run, 9th Ave W.

Sunday, December 10

911 hangup, all OK.

Fight/assault, would like a couple squads to drive through parking lot, people gathering around getting rowdy.

Theft, front license plate.

Property damage crash, State Hwy 29 S.

Drug-related activity.


Public assist, theft of friend’s cell phone.

Hit and run, 50th Ave W.

Burglary, several people are trying to break in to her basement.

Public assist, called 911 stating someone wouldn't leave his house, when asked if he knew them he said no, but said they didn't break in, then he said they were leaving and he didn't need cops.

Property damage crash, 12th Ave E/Lake St.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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