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Law enforcement blotter: Friday, December 1 through Sunday, December 3


Friday, December 1

Suspicious activity, comp believes males have been snooping around the area looking to steal parts, Alex.

Harassment, would like to speak with a deputy about a situation with their neighbor, Carlos.

Suspicious vehicle, black van sits near the lake access for Union Lake, occupied by one male,  multiple drive bys by the comp's house, comp approached male about his activity and he gave him some strange answers.

Suspicious activity, Alex.  

Suspicious activity, trailer house behind comp's has its lights on, the owners have winterized it and are not expected back, no cars in driveway, house is secure, Osakis.

Check welfare of person, caller stated a male was slumped over his steering wheel by the bus garage in Brandon, comp asked if he was OK and the male said yes and that it's happened before, driver arrested for fifth-degree and open bottle, Brandon.

Saturday, December 2

Suspicious vehicle, checked on occupied vehicle stopped on the shoulder, driver stopped to check for directions, Alex.

Public assist, comp needs to line up a property exchange, Kensington.

Suspicious activity, found scratch-offs on road, Nelson.

Public assist, comp has questions regarding driving/riding in a vehicle without seatbelts, Nelson.

Fire, grass, Kensington.

Suspicious activity, vehicle tailgating, following comp around the parking lot displaying aggressive behavior, Alex.

Suspicious activity, male party at neighbor's house hanging around, Carlos.

Child custody matter, would like to talk to deputy about being denied custody time with his kids.

Suspicious person, a male was wandering the street by location and comp almost hit him, Nelson.

Personal injury crash, caller witnessed a car go off the curve, person one arrested on multiple charges, Alex.

Burning complaint, unattended brush pile fire, no permits activated, Glenwood.

Sunday, December 3

Suspicious activity, comp states there are people on his property that he doesn't want there, Alex.

Civil matter, argument over a fence between the properties, Alex.

Harassment, comp in lobby to report being harassed by his ex-girlfriend, Carlos.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle wasn't there yesterday, also found a syringe and needle on the opposite side of the road from the vehicle, Alex.

Suspicious activity, comp believed she saw two people on the ice, unable to locate, no holes located, Lake Reno.

Suspicious activity, there were four people in a car acting strange, they are now in the restaurant, Brandon.

911 hangup, text to 911 received by Mille Lacs Co, no message given on text, all OK.

Fire, grass, Brandon.

Drug-related activity, comp found some sort of smoking pipe outside by location, Brandon.

Suspicious activity, comp reporting things are missing from the house, she suspects male that she has order for protection with, Garfield.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle has been parked on field approach 15 minutes with its lights on, citation for small amount of marijuana, Nelson.

Suspicious activity, drove through the neighborhood on normal patrol, a spotlight flicked on and passed across windshield from residence, have received numerous complaints from neighbors including issues with spotlights, advised resident to knock it off.

Suspicious activity, female drove up in the yard and got out and came and sat on his porch, comp is talking with her and she seems to maybe have a mental issue or is on something, Carlos.


Friday, December 1

Suspicious vehicle, checking on van parked outside of business.

Property damage crash, comp heard vehicle crash outside of home, female was outside of vehicle in the ditch, no injuries, fourth-degree DUI/unlawful consumption.

Suicide threats, 19-year-old son has been using and threatened suicide.

Attempted fraud/scam, someone is trying to sell something and saying they are representing the Echo Press.

Traveler’s aid, requesting traveler’s aid for a bus ticket.

Hit and run, State Hwy 29 S.

Traveler’s aid, looking for a bus ticket to Louisiana.

Public assist, concerned for her niece, thinks someone may be following her.

Theft, bike.

Property damage crash, State Hwy 29 S.

Property damage crash, State Hwy 29 S.

Juvenile trouble, Comp and her 13-year-old son got into an argument and he pushed her, he took off on his bike.

Violation of court order, person at house that should not be there.

Gas leak, two people in the house eyes are burning and there is a haze in the air.

Saturday, December 2

Suspicious activity, 9 or 10-year-old boy came into ER and said his mom died, mother was fine, she and child were reunited at ER.

911 hangup, staff found phone off the hook, no one around.

Juvenile trouble, school handled.

Property damage crash, Broadway St.

Suspicious person, has questions regarding a customer.

Check welfare of person, doctor is unable to contact patient and really needs him to call in.

Personal injury crash, 30th Ave W/State Hwy 29.

Theft, reporting wooden pallets are disappearing from their address.

Threats, comp is receiving threats over the phone from her ex-boyfriend.

911 hangup, all OK.

Hit and run, Broadway St.

Public assist, comp would like to speak to an officer about her father.

Check welfare of person.

Fire, comp can smell smoke.

Suspicious activity, comp states her garage door has been opened for the third time in three weeks, states no one but the landlord should have a key, nothing missing.

Suspicious activity, comp states the back door to the house has been pried open with which looks like a screwdriver, marks on back door, entry was never made to residence.

Personal injury crash, Co Rd 82 SE/Rosewood Ln.

Criminal damage to property, dirt has been dumped on the hood of his car.

Hit and run, 50th Ave W.

Suspicious activity, comp found a door was unlocked that she was sure had been locked, she wants an officer to check her basement.

Suspicious activity, comp states his pickup was tampered with while inside, someone placed a Disney 6volt Princess Mercedes convertible in the box of his truck, product seemed to be undamaged, returned to Walmart.

Sunday, December 3

Check welfare of person, requesting officer check on her fiance, he is not answering her calls, male is fine, he will call comp.

Fight/assault, bartender reporting party was swinging at people, starting fights.

Public assist, caller stating he has dementia and needs help.

Threats, death threat over the phone to store employee.

Death investigation, female resident passed away.

Juvenile trouble, her 16-year-old won't give her her cars keys because comp won't let her leave the house.

Public assist, anonymous comp reporting a 10-year-old riding a four-wheeler on their own property, comp is wondering if this is allowed.

Burning complaint, comp can see smoke and smell wet leaves burning.

Property damage crash, N McKay Ave.

Juvenile trouble, kids playing on ice.

Suspicious activity, loss prevention wanting to ID a male and a female in the store, they are suspects in several incidents.

Child custody matter, questions on child custody, father has made mention that he is not giving kids back.

Drug-related activity, anonymous complaint that there is a smell of marijuana in the apartment building.

Suspicious activity, party in a white shirt outside yelling at cars out front, comp states he has a warrant.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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