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Best of the Lakes Area Florist/Greenhouse

This is part of a series articles highlighting winners in the Echo Press Best of the Lakes Area contest. For a full list of winners, look for our Best of the Lakes Area publication in newsstands around Alexandria or in the "Magazine Rack" section of

Colorful Seasons

 3400 Dakota St., Alexandria


 Opening in 1989, Colorful Seasons has been open in Alexandria for nearly 30 years.

Its slogan, "We've got a good thing growing" holds true as it offers the largest selection and variety of annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees and vegetables in the area, along with a complete garden center open year-round.

Bryce Brickweg, greenhouse manager/grower for Colorful Seasons, said the company also offers a huge showroom of home and garden décor that changes with the seasons.

He said Colorful Seasons continues to grow new varieties of plants each year and has added a diagnostic microscope and computer to help identify plant diseases and pests.

Last year, Brickweg said Colorful Seasons transplanted more than 300,000 annuals and vegetables and planted more than 2,600 baskets.

"We have the knowledge of the products we grow and sell to help your garden and landscape thrive, as well as providing landscape design and installation," said Brickweg.

Colorful Seasons has 10 full-time employees, as well as part-time and seasonal help.