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Pedestrian killed in hit-and-run in Alexandria

White House turkeys are ‘Drumstick’ and ‘Wishbone’

In this screenshot of the live press conference in Washington, D.C., Carl Wittenburg of Alexandria (at the podium), announced the official names of the two presidential turkeys. To his left are the five 4-H members from Douglas County, who will be part of the presidential pardoning ceremony tomorrow along with Carl and his wife, Sharlene. The 4-Hers are Christina Kuismi, Katie Kent, Kodi Bundermann, Kayla Egenes and Kerryn Lund.

As the pair of presidential turkeys strutted their stuff in front of the cameras at a press conference Monday morning in Washington, D.C., Carl Wittenburg of Alexandria, the 2017 chairman of the National Turkey Federation, announced the two names that were chosen for the presidential turkey and his wingman.

“Names for each were suggested by people from around the world and this morning, we are introducing you, for the first time, to Wishbone and Drumstick,” Wittenburg said as the crowd clapped and the turkeys loudly gobbled.

Carl, along with his wife, Sharlene, raised this year’s presidential turkeys on their hobby farm in Alexandria. Over the course of the last six months, Carl and Sharlene have worked with five 4-H members from Douglas County to help raise the presidential turkeys – Kerryn Lund, Christina Kuismi, Kodi Bundermann, Kayla Egenes and Katie Kent.

The Wittenburgs, along with the five 4-H members, are all in Washington, D.C., for tomorrow’s ceremony at the White House – the 70th annual presidential pardon.

The press conference was shown live on the Minnesota Turkey’s Facebook page. It can still be accessed on that page,

The Echo Press will continue to post updates on the presidential turkeys and their trip to the White House.

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Celeste Edenloff

Celeste Edenloff, a reporter for the Echo Press, has lived in the Alexandria Lakes Area since 1997. She worked for the Echo Press as a reporter from May of 1999 to February 2011, and is happy to be back and once again sharing the stories of the people in this community. Besides being a reporter, Celeste is a certified fitness instructor and enjoys teaching bootcamp classes through Snap Fitness. She also enjoys running and has participated in more than 170 races with her husband, Al, covering the 5K, 10K, 10-mile and half-marathon (13.1 mile) distances.


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