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Law Enforcement Blotter: Friday, October 6 through Sunday, October 8


Friday, October 6

Theft, theft from vehicle, Alex.

Check welfare of person, male party came into the DMV in elbow lake and made a comment that he wanted to jump off a bridge and kill himself, male party frustrated because of losing his commercial driver's license today, no desire to commit harm to self or others, Evansville.

Theft, vehicle gone through, purse, wallet, clothing missing, Alex.

Property damage crash, State St, Evansville.

Suspicious activity, vehicle there most of the day, car occupied by three young males, unable to locate, Alex.

Juvenile trouble, kids standing on the railing of the bridge fishing, gone on arrival, Alex.

Public assist, comp was pulled over earlier today and says he feels his character was attacked, Alex.

Public assist, comp reporting her child's father stated he is coming to get the girls, she believes she's been drinking and shouldn't be driving or getting the girls, verbal argument between person one and two, Evansville.

Property damage crash, Central Ave N, Brandon.

Property damage crash,

Saturday, October 7

Suspicious person, comp reporting female broke into her house hysterical and stated someone was after her, unable to get any more out of her, person one arrested for misdemeanor domestic assault, Alex.

Suspicious activity, thinks that two kids were throwing chestnuts at his house, two juveniles were located in the area and spoken to about the incident, they were warned about their behavior, Alex.

Fire, everything is OK, they are doing a controlled burn, Alex.

Public assist, gas drive off.

Public assist, comp had disagreement with his parents and they have kicked him and his family out of the house, he has nowhere to go, comp has a verbal renter's agreement with parents, parents were called and informed of the eviction process, comp was informed he could return to residence, Alex.

Gas leak, natural gas line hit, Carlos.

Check welfare of person, nobody has seen any movement from the house for several days, person one was home sleeping, she had injured her back and has not been very mobile, Eagle Bend.

Juvenile trouble, four boys around 7 to 10 years old knocked on her door and ran, they thought it was funny, comp has a walker and did not think it was funny, unable to locate, Brandon.

Theft, someone at the access stealing from his truck, Stowe Lake Access.

Intoxicated male, unwanted male party in the house, she wants him to leave, Alex.

Sunday, October 8

911 hangup, verbal argument between person one and three, person two was the caller and stated everything would be fine now, advised her to call if argument heats back up or needs any assistance, Miltona.

Public assist, comp went outside to have a cigarette and her husband locked her out of the house, Alex.

Juvenile trouble, his 15-year-old daughter took his pick up, possibly heading back to Coon Rapids, she has his cell phone, juvenile was located, Kensington.

Fire, camper smells like something is burning, unable to locate source, person one will be getting RV checked by dealer on their way home, Carlos.

Shooting complaint, can hear shooting shotguns around their lake and caller is concerned that it's close to other homes, caller thought it was illegal to hunt, she had no other safety concerns, Alex.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle with three girls parked at end of cul-de-sac, Alex.

Criminal damage to property, someone spray painted several things in the park including the bridge and bathrooms, Miltona.

Suspicious activity, caller said someone dumped a couch and a bunch of tires on his hunting land, Carlos.

Criminal damage to property, spray painted signs on the Central Lakes Trail, Nelson.

Threats, threats from his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, Garfield.

Public assist, reports a male is intoxicated and won't leave, transported male party to a friend’s house where he is going to stay for the night, Kensington.

Public assist, girlfriend is in treatment, her brother took her vehicles and signed them over to himself, comp has questions of legality, brother was asked by his sister to pick the vehicles up, after brother picked them up, sister never made arrangements to have them removed from his house, advised this is a civil issue, Alex.


Friday, October 6

Criminal damage to property, reported to comp that there is vandalism to work they did yesterday after firing an employee.

Suspicious vehicle, unable to locate.

Fraud, comp is employee at bank and has been working with a customer that has been scammed out of large amount of money.

Public assist, business asking for help for a customer who may be on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Public assist, frequent customer forgot to pay for gas.

Drug-related activity, comp is site manager and has some questions about possible drugs at location.

Suspicious activity, car has been parked in the street for five days, today it's been spray painted red and windows are broken out.

Check welfare of person, comp states one of his employees didn't show up for work this morning and that is not like him, all OK.

Personal injury crash, two vehicles, 22nd Ave E/Jefferson St.

Public assist, female stole 100 pounds of cans from the comp.

Public assist, gas drive off.

Property damage crash, N Nokomis NE.

Property damage crash, State Hwy 29 S.

Juvenile trouble, student out of control, stood by while handled by school.

Public assist, female party can't pay for her pet's surgery, clinic protocol is to hold the animal until some type of payment is made, female is claiming it's a service dog and therefore illegal to hold, called comp back and informed her that it is their business and they can do what they see fit.

Property damage crash, 3rd Ave E.

Suspicious activity, odor of marijuana.

Suspicious activity, faculty found offensive language on parking lot written in chalk.

Child custody matter, needs to speak to an officer regarding an incident with her boyfriend’s child’s mom that happened today.

Public assist, comp’s dog has been stolen from his vehicle, property dispute between parties, female party gave the dog back.

Saturday, October 7

Suspicious activity, he threw a jar of peanut butter in the store because he was having a bad day.

Public assist, traffic control.

Sexual assault report, was grabbed by another employee at work.

911 hangup, kid’s father was there throwing furniture, threatened to throw a brick through the window, cited for domestic assault.

Theft, inmate wanting to report theft of money off of debit card.

Public assist, caller says that they think the stop signs were removed from this corner and they were almost t-boned, there were temporary signs on a project in that area that have been removed, now it is an uncontrolled intersection like it has always been.

Property damage crash, State Hwy 29 S.

Threats, comp would like to talk to an officer regarding another patient threatening him.

Public assist, says that she had items stolen from her while she was trying to move.

Juvenile trouble, 14-year-old daughter wont come home and has been gone for two days.

Suspicious activity, can hear a little kid scream from apartment above.

Firearms accident, gunshot wound in ER.

Burglary, comp states he has a male intruder in his house and he is frightened of him.

Check welfare of person, anonymous complaint that house should be empty but isn’t.

Suspicious person, male standing in the middle of road, moved into yard and off road.

Sunday, October 8

Suspicious activity, customer was bragging that he has a credit card scammer he's been using.

Check welfare of person, comp’s father stopped at her residence and was upset over his wife possibly wanting a divorce, was going to go back to apartment to get clothes, caller reporting this is irrational behavior by him and wants welfare check.

Fraud, comp has a check he would like to talk with an officer about.

Check welfare of person, unsupervised children.

Public assist, customer at customer service reporting stolen purse, located purse.

Suspicious activity, comp states someone is following him and they are going to kill him, he heard voices stating they were going to kill him so comp fled from his home, said they were chasing him in a car but could not give a description, transported to ER.

Criminal damage to property, comps car was vandalized at the gas station.

Suspicious vehicle, does not want the vehicle driving around their house.

Suspicious vehicle, Jeep parked unattended for three hours, back door open, shotgun case and possible gun in the back seat, person one advised that his daughter forgot to close the door and she will be coming to get the vehicle within an hour.

Telephone calls/harassment, comp has been receiving text messages from an unknown number with a lot of her personal information.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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