You asked: Which way at the one-ways?


Although they are quite confusing, the road construction signs on the Walmart frontage road by Taco Bell are "kind of funny" and not how they should be, according to City Engineer Tim Schoonhoven.

A reader submitted a photo of the signs to the Echo Press wondering if she was the only one who found the two one-way signs pointing opposite directions confusing.

The Echo Press contacted Schoonhoven who said he wasn't sure what happened, but there should be "road closed" signs there instead. He thought maybe someone was playing a joke and spun the signs around.

"I am not sure what happened," he said with a chuckle after he saw the picture, which also included a prohibiting a right turn. "It is quite confusing, that's for sure. But it is also kind of funny."

In a more serious tone, Schoonhoven said the project, which began on Aug. 16, is going well.

He has received almost no calls about the project and said that it is pretty much on schedule. Recent rains didn't help, but he still feels the project should be completed on time. He said traffic has been flowing well through the construction zone and that the biggest disruption will come when they do the work on the frontage road near the intersection of Highway 29 and 44th Avenue by Doolittle's.

Work should continue through the whole month of October and he is hopeful that it will be completed by the end of October.

The $1,008,875 project will be funded by a combination of federal and state funds.

The frontage road work will consist of replacing all existing pavement, adding curb and gutter and installing a sidewalk.

Additionally, the road will be given a center turn lane and a northbound right turn lane on 44th Avenue will be added. A study showed that about 80 percent of westbound traffic turns north at the intersection.

Access to businesses on the frontage road will be available at all times, however, there could be slight delays in traffic flow, according to an advisory issued by the city.

Central Specialities is doing the work.

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