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Law Enforcement Blotter: Thursday, August 10


Thursday, August 10

Property damage crash, truck went off road, Co Rd 5 NW/Co Rd 6 NW, Alex.

Public assist, gas drive off, Evansville.

Suspicious person, 18 -year-old son believes a male that showed up at their house is the individual that has been making threats toward their family, Kensington.

Restraining order violation, male was 100 feet from victim at work, Alex.

Suspicious activity, three different nights someone has tried breaking into her house, Evansville.

911 hangup, no answer on call backs, does not appear that anyone is home, all looked OK at the residence, Alex.

Criminal damage to property, vehicle was keyed, Alex.

Burglary, garage was broken into and several things are missing, Alex.


Thursday, August 10

Restraining order violation, comp’s friend has an HRO against her ex and they are together tonight.

Suspicious person, male in vehicle, was sleeping did not want to stay at his place because of smell.

Suspicious person, male hanging around the dorms, spoke with staff and they said the male is with their group.

Public assist, wife might be lost between address and Grand Arbor.

Suspicious activity, would like to talk about his niece that was given alcohol and received texts messages from previous employer.

Suicide threat, nephew has a plan for killing himself and has reached out to his aunt, person one and aunt met with Region 4 team.

Check welfare of person, social worker was told by person that she would commit suicide if her kids were taken away and

they were, made contact with person one, she is doing well and she has a support system in place.

Public assist, has a gull dying in her driveway and is unsure what to do, gull was deceased by the time officer made contact with the comp, she will be placing the deceased gull in the woods.

Public assist, request assistance retrieving some personal belongings.

Criminal damage to property, someone ran into building and did not report it to them.

Suspicious activity, kids setting off fireworks while getting gas.

Suspicious vehicle, parked on street for a week.

Drug-related activity, caller has seen people put baggies in duffle bags and then put these bags into random cars that pull up for deals.

Public assist, caller states that someone took her son’s motorcycle out of his storage unit to pay for the son’s bail but has not done it yet.

Suspicious activity, vehicle sat in front of house for 15 minutes and sped off when neighbor went outside, would like extra patrol.

Check welfare of person, person with order for protection against is in the house.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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