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Progressive activists plan Alexandria convention

Alexandria will host a meeting of progressive activists in September, when a group called Our Revolution MN holds its founding convention at the Andria Theatre on Broadway Street.

Led by supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders's unsuccessful 2016 presidential bid, the group says it "continues Bernie's work to nurture and grow the future of progressive politics in Minnesota and throughout the country."

Its acting board of directors includes Rich Updegrove, a Duluth city council candidate and Lindsey Ketchel, a political organizer from Cass County. The convention, planned for Sept. 16, will hold an election for a permanent board amid speeches and workshops.

Spokesperson Lily Keire said the group is small, but that it hopes the convention draws 150 to 300 people.

"We are choosing Alexandria because it's a statement of where we are laying our values," she wrote in an email. "We are attempting to create a network web of Affiliates throughout the state of Minnesota. These would be progressive groups who are interested in getting progressives into local offices throughout Minnesota not just in the Twin Cities."