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Law Enforcement Blotter: Friday, July 14 through Sunday, July 16


Friday, July 14

Suicide threats, needs advice about girlfriend who had suggested suicide to comp, person two stated she was fine, Evansville.

Burning complaint, comp says they have to be burning some garbage, it has a toxic smell to it, no prohibited materials found, Alex.

Suspicious vehicle, unoccupied vehicle parked outside the gas station, Nelson.

Fire, vehicle, Alex.

Suspicious activity, reporting suspicious phone calls he has been receiving, Parkers Prairie.

Theft, comp stating some people were taking things out of an abandoned house and left in a vehicle not belonging to them, comp yelled at them and they dumped the truck and took off on foot, parties own the house, comp advised to leave them alone, Evansville.

Property damage crash, minor, W Union Ave, Nelson.

Public assist, person one walked away on foot prior to arrival, comp is concerned and wants person one to move out, Brandon.

911 hangup, verbal argument between parties, gave person two a ride to a friend’s to stay for the night, Kensington.

Public assist, comp believes he saw someone in window, would just like someone to drive through the area, Alex.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle unoccupied, Alex.

Theft, had items stolen out of car while tubing, Carlos.

Saturday, July 15

Public assist, out of gas and lost, Evansville.

Check welfare of person, comp stating her ex has an order against her, his mother called her in treatment and told her he is very ill at home with two kids and she should go check on him, Carlos.

Littering complaint, someone threw five bags of garbage in the ditch by his driveway, Kensington.

Civil matter, gas drive off.

Fatality, female has fallen out of a pickup, head injury.

Suspicious person, male and female in their 20s appear to be passed out at the access, Evansville.

Assault, boyfriend beat her up, person one arrested for third-degree DWI, domestic assault, Evansville.

Neighbor dispute, neighbor does not like comp having his porch light on, so he is honking his horn and flashing his lights into his bedroom, spoke with both parties and they have been advised to document any further harassing behavior, Alex.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle with at least two people parked in lot after hours, parties were advised the park was closed, Carlos.

Sunday, July 16

Property damage crash, minor, Co Rd 30 NE/Co Rd 9 NE, Nelson.

Intoxicated male, went to his grandparents to stay for the night to cool off, Miltona.

Theft, someone is stealing his pills, Carlos.

Suspicious activity, Evansville.

Public assist, stopped at a vegetable stand and her kids are locked in the vehicle, unlocked, Brandon.

Conservation, birds, comp came across a hit bald eagle in the middle of the road and is staying there until someone gets there to help, Osakis.

Hit and run, Lake Miltona.

Criminal damage to property, comp heard the property has been shot up, holes were in a detached shed and were from an old handle that had previously been on the shed, Alex.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle driving through the yard at church, Alex.

Child custody matter, sister abandoned daughter with her and now her sister wants child back but is going to say sister kidnapped child, Brandon.

Shooting complaint, cat was shot, Brandon.

Suspicious activity, male and female acting strangely, female is sitting by inside door and male wandering around outside , located male party who stated he and person two were out walking around and intoxicated, said he was trying to get away from person two, Nelson.


Friday, July 14

Public assist, gas drive off.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle trespassing.

Fraud, reporting that a business check was written without authorization.

Drug disposal, empty drug box in front lobby.

Property damage crash, minor, 3rd Ave W.

Property damage crash, 50th Ave W.

Stalking, comp stated person one is stalking her.

Public assist, elderly neighbor locked himself out of his house.

City nuisance violation, group of people smoking in the park.

Suspicious activity, someone wrote on a vehicle in his driveway with a marker.

Suspicious activity, male in early 20s came in earlier and now is hanging around the area, left prior to arrival, wasn't doing anything wrong, just acting different.

Suspicious person, employee is reporting male that has been lingering around the center the past couple days, unsure if he needs help or is homeless.

Suspicious activity, vehicle around the corner with person sleeping or passed out and his foot is on the gas pedal, unable to locate.

Suspicious activity, someone has been sitting in Durango on the north side of building for a half hour.

Theft,  bike.

Suspicious person.

Theft, gas drive off.

Suspicious activity, person in a red Chevy truck is taking truckloads of garbage out of his mom's house, comp stated male party was evicted from the entire park, informed that if his mother wants him there he can be there.

Shooting complaint, gun shot east of trailer, unable to locate.

Saturday, July 15

Suspicious activity, caught somebody going through the dumpsters again.

Public assist, mother will not send him his passport.


Check welfare of person, comp stating his ex-wife was assaulted by her boyfriend the other day and his white truck is at her house now, he would like her checked on.

Property damage crash, minor, 2nd Ave E.  

Suspicious person, person one thought he was on city park property, advised he was not and he left without incident.

Property damage crash, minor, Redbird Ln SE.

Public assist, at his dad's door, dad will not answer and the door is locked, made contact, all OK.

Property damage crash, minor, N Nokomis St.

Public assist, gas drive off.

Suspicious person, fairboard members getting calls of male living or camping behind the sportsmens building.

Public assist, abandoned vehicle.

Check welfare of person, confused female on the trail.

Burning complaint, people in the back are having a bonfire and there is no cover on it.

Intoxicated male, male was told to leave and not return for the night.

Theft, bike stolen.

Child custody matter, father is on his way from cities to pick up daughter that he has half custody of, mother in not willing to be cooperative.

Public assist, comp is scared because she heard some noises and wants officers to do a drive by.

Sunday, July 16

Suspicious person, advised of park hours.

Suspicious vehicle, parties talking, advised of park hours.

Suspicious vehicle, out with vehicle in park.

Fraud, believes they have been hacked and would like to show an officer the evidence, comp was advised to notify management to determine if there was a loss.

Check welfare of person, comp stating her drunk neighbor started his lamp shade on fire a little while ago and then went outside to have a beer and was laughing about it.

Property damage crash, minor, State Hwy 29 S.

Drug-related activity, found some drug paraphernalia.

Public assist, locked out of house with daughter inside.

Criminal damage to property, some kids did damage to his vehicle.

Neighbor dispute, neighbor continues to pound on their wall.

Public assist, left card in ATM and can’t get ahold of any friends to go check.

Child custody matter, is getting threats that father is coming to get daughter.

Check welfare of person,would like check on niece and nephew, mother has been drinking heavy and possible use of drugs.

Suspicious activity, vehicle with lights on parked by construction equipment, gone on arrival.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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