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Law Enforcement Blotter: Friday, June 16 through Sunday, June 18


Friday, June 16

Property damage crash, minor, Co Rd 13 NE/State Hwy 29 N, Alex.

Hit and run, Arrowwood Ln NW, Alex.

Trespassing complaint, camper parked in site 15 which is for tents only, comp told him to leave but he didn't, Brandon.

Harassment, request for assistance regarding a victim receiving an email threat from subject of an ongoing litigation, Carlos.

ATV complaint, reckless male on an ATV, driving fast, doing donuts, spoke with person one about the complaint, he said he is trying to sell the wheeler and would not drive on the road anymore, Alex.

Suspicious person, male walking in a planted field, walking in circles, unable to locate, Evansville.  

Suspicious person, two men walking in a bean field for some time, unable to locate, Evansville.

Public peace/juvenile party, report of large party, Miltona.

Saturday, June 17

Suspicious vehicle, Kensington.

Fleeing police officer, motorcycle took off and hit the ditch, person one arrested for third degree DUI, Kensington.

Public assist, comp is at ER, was brought in by ambulance and needs a ride home, Alex.

911 hangup, called in twice to Todd County but no would would respond, could hear footsteps, called back several times but no one answers, pocket dial while weed whipping, Parkers Prairie.

Civil matter, comp has questions about doing a trailer repossession, Osakis.

Drug-related activity, passed on info to task force, Alex.

Restraining order violation, ex was sending him text messages from the children's cell phone, person two arrested, Alex.

Suspicious activity, officer saw someone walking in the house and lights on, checking to see who it is as the owners were arrested yesterday and today, home owner changing locks and putting up 2x4s on garage doors, Evansville.

Drunk, checking on very intoxicated male, Kensington.

Hit and run, Railway St E, Kensington.

Sunday, June 18

Drug-related activity, person smoking marijuana, cited for small amount, Kensington.

Suspicious vehicle, person one and two stopped to sleep, Evansville.

Assault, person two cited for minor consumption, fifth degree assault, Kensington.

Fight/assault, person one arrested for domestic assault, Brandon.

Suspicious activity, male is barefoot and in a hoodie and plaid shorts on laying on her porch, he's also muddy, ringing her doorbell and wants to come in her house, Kensington.

Child custody matter, comp has questions regarding a child exchange that is supposed to take place at 5 p.m. today, Alex.

Personal injury crash, I-94 MM 111, Osakis.

Assault, person nine arrested for fifth degree assault and criminal damage to property and transported to jail, Alex.

Suspicious activity, shooting or something going on continuously for the past half hour, she has watched the sky for fireworks but hasn't seen any, county units patrolled and monitored the area, spoke with comp and she has not heard anything since she has called, Carlos.

Suspicious vehicle, red Durango parked at a pump for approximately 15 mins with the gas cap open, no one around, vehicle left, Evansville. 


Friday, June 16

Public assist, needs assistance resetting his CO2 alarm.

Theft, believes person one stole her phone.

Order for protection violation, jail reporting possible OFP violation.

Property damage crash, two semi trucks, no injuries, State Hwy 29 S.

Suspicious person, young female with a backpack and pajamas walking north on Nokomis, looking around, looks suspicious.

Property damage crash, State Hwy 29 S.

Property damage crash, witnessed hit and run, 3rd Ave E.

Property damage crash, minor, State Hwy 29 S.

Trespass letter, received no trespassing letter.

Civil matter, questions about his house being on a sheriff's auction.

Property damage crash, Broadway St.

Harassment, comp would like to file a harassment/stalking complaint against person one.

Suspicious activity, wishes to speak with officer about website.

Public assist, gas drive off.

Child endangerment, comp reporting she left her child (almost 3) with the child's father and she feels the father is high on drugs and can't care of the child, child returned to mother.

Child endangerment, anonymous complainant states female has drugs in her apartment with a small child, children fine, no evidence of drug use.

Suspicious activity, comp gave female gasoline at the corner of roads, she stated that she then watched her for awhile, the female went to Walmart parking lot to a camper with Arizona plates, a man was also there, comp thinks that this is not right or suspicious and that they should leave.

Harassment, would like to speak with an officer regarding harassment from ex-boyfriend.

Hit and run, State Hwy 29 S.

Telephone calls/harassment, comp would like officers to speak with person one and tell him to stop contacting her, she states the calls seem to be getting more threatening each time.

Child custody matter, has 50/50 custody, child exchange is every four days, today is her day.

Public assist, has some questions about his girlfriend not taking her meds and doing marijuana instead, spoke to comp, said female party’s father is handling the issue.

Personal injury crash, motorcycle versus pickup, 34th Ave E.

Theft, missing fishing spears.

Child abuse/neglect, 2 to 3-year-old wandering around the neighborhood.

Burglary, missing TV and window AC unit, door was open when she arrived home.

Drunk driver complaint, driver appeared to be having a mix of mental health and medical problems, she was transported to ER.

Suspicious activity, believes she's heard two gunshots north of her trailer, fireworks in area.

Saturday, June 17

Fight/assault, three to four people in parking lot, no weapons visible.

Public assist, he states that a girl has some of her property in his garage and he told her that she needs to move it out.

Check welfare of person, playing a chimpanzee game, told to quiet down.

Public assist, comp has questions regarding property.

Public assist, female borrowed phone and hasn't brought it back.

Public assist, wants to speak to an officer about some problems with someone staying at her house

Check welfare of person, caller and son have been trying to get ahold of son's wife for a week, party is fine, having phone issues.

Drug-related activity, informed task force of third party info.

Drug-related activity, would like an officer to come and get some found paraphernalia on one of their residents.

Child endangerment, 1-year-old in car by itself, there was an 8 to 10year-old child in the car but got out and went inside Walmart, unable to locate.

Juvenile trouble, son out of control.

Theft, Phone was stolen from the movie theater.

Suspicious activity, comp in lobby to report threats, no threats were made, comp wanted it reported that an occupant from vehicle one was causing a disturbance inside the store.

Sunday, June 18

Hit and run, N Nokomis NE.

Property damage crash, minor, State Hwy 29 S.

Public assist, gas drive off.

Property damage crash, S Broadway St.

Public assist, party in lobby requesting to speak with officer.

Check welfare of person, request for suicidal welfare check from veteran’s hotline.

Suspicious activity, on the data trail there is an older male talking to two young teen females, caller thought it look suspicious.

Child custody matter, father has children at a meth house.

Burning complaint, anonymous complaint of people at location burning toxic items, burning paper.

Harassment, comp was told to call every time that the neighbors harassed them, husband and wife just walked past blowing a whistle, he would like an officer to ask them why they were doing that.

Juvenile trouble, 17-year-old son mad and doing damage in her house.

Shooting complaint, anonymous complaint of young adults shooting compound bows into the creek, comp says that's illegal in the city limits, states they've been told, but will not abide by it.

Public assist, comp would like to know if it's legal for a squad to make a u-turn on a road without lights on, states he witnessed this at location.

Property damage crash, car off the road in the swamp, fourth degree DWI, 34th Ave E.

Vehicle unlock, comp is from out of town and locked his keys in his car, has two kids with him, vehicle unlocked.

Theft, cell phone.

Fleeing police officer, chopper style mini bike taking off from City Park on the trail toward Kenwood Dr.

Juvenile trouble, 14-year-old son pushing his mom around.

Suspicious vehicle, party was at entrance of park playing Pokemon Go, advised of park hours. 

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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