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Law Enforcement Blotter: Thursday, May 18


Thursday, May 18

Public assist, comp wants a deputy to drive their road as it is awful and they want someone to fix it, they have called their commissioner and County Highway and are not getting results, road is normal for rain amount, Alex.

Suspicious vehicle, no plates, has been parked at the Grant Lake public access for a few days, vehicle unoccupied, substantial damage to vehicle, red tagged, Farwell.

Stolen vehicle, reporting a male took her car to Tennessee after they were working on a sale of the car, Garfield.

Public assist, wants to speak to someone in charge only, Alex.

Theft, bike, Alex.

Public assist, male going door to door and talking religion, was very rude to comp when asking questions, comp also stated he drove his newer black car and parked his car on her wet grass, no damage to yard, unable to locate the vehicle, Alex.

Suspicious activity, comp was selling a vehicle on his property for a friend, this afternoon a party came to test drive and check out the vehicle, he has not yet returned with it and does not answer phone calls, spoke with comp and person two, miscommunication on when vehicle was supposed to be returned, comp and person two agreed vehicle will be dropped off tomorrow, Miltona.


Thursday, May 18

Public assist, smoke detector with low battery beeping since 4 a.m.

Fire, vehicle, bus parked behind the house with smoke coming out of it, no fire present.

Attempted fraud/scam, wants to tell someone about her phone calls that she is receiving, comp just wanted it documented.

Public assist, gas drive off.

Juvenile trouble, mother called to school because son was being disruptive, mother can't control the 14-year-old because he knows if he is sent home probations will send him to Moorhead.

Check welfare of person, check welfare of student after being possibly assaulted at school yesterday, mother did not make a report but school is concerned, student did not show up for school today.

Suicide threats, female friend states she is leaving comp’s place and going to fill her depression meds and overdose on them, voluntary transport to ER.

Harassment, person one is harassing comp through Facebook, provided information in regards to HRO process and blocking phone information.

Harassment, comp was followed home from work, comp is now at animal hospital and vehicle drove by and yelled and honked at him, advised both parties that they need to keep their distance from each other, nothing further at this point.

Check welfare of person, comp’s mother is homebound and history of falling, she not able to reach her by phone now, which is unlike her, made contact with person one, everything is fine she was just asleep.

Property damage crash, Nokomis St.

Missing person, comp reporting 22-year-old female left group home, comp stated she’s on a behavioral plan and has done this before, female transported to ER for evaluation.

Fight/assault, verbal argument between male and female, male was gathering belongings and left area.

Suspicious person, comp states her ex is trying to pick fights and she is scared, person one showed up and caused a verbal argument, left before officer arrived.

Assault, comp states he was attacked by a male, he came out of the bushes and started beating him.

Suicide threats, boyfriend left five hours ago, may be drinking and suicidal, he sent her a text message that said goodbye.

Suspicious activity, comp reporting her friend just texted her to call 911, person two given a ride home, advised person one to get an HRO.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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