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Law Enforcement Blotter: Wednesday, May 17


Wednesday, May 17

Harassment, comp reporting that after dropping her kids off at location (daycare) she pulled out of driveway and male started chasing her down the road in his truck, stated he almost hit her and was causing grass and gravel to be thrown up, says in the past his kids have been on their deck taking pictures as she leaves but this is the first time anyone's chased her or she's felt threatened, person one was upset that comp is always speeding by his address and he took off after comp to get the license plate, spoke with both parties about the issue and his driving conduct, Nelson.

Public assist, comp owns the property at location and has a judgement that says it should be vacated as of yesterday, she is in Colorado and would like someone to just check and make sure it is vacated, tenants were still there, they were not aware of the judgement as they had not been served, notified comp of findings, Alex.

Theft, has a person on video stealing junk batteries from behind building, Carlos.

Suspicious activity, male riding bicycle acting strange, suspect was covering his face with a mirror when vehicles passed, he had no reason to be in the neighborhood, he was asked to move on, Alex.

Check welfare of person, checking on student not in school, Alex.

Public assist, comp has questions regarding a car he sold to someone that hasn't finished paying for it but says they have crashed it, civil matter, told him to seek legal action, Farwell.

Violation of court order, person one is at address with a tractor at the shed and there is a no contact, he shouldn't be there, person one was working on a lawn mower so he could cut grass, was not in violation at this time, Osakis.

Public assist, comp in the lobby with a strange message on his phone, asking for assistance with the issue, advised to ignore, Kensington.

Theft, daughter stole truck but has since brought it back, person one transported to detox facility in Minneapolis, Alex.

Civil matter, comp has questions regarding her divorce, Alex.

Suspicious vehicle, person one cited for possession of small amount of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, person two transported to office and released to parent, Alex.


Wednesday, May 17

Suspicious vehicle, white Pontiac keeps coming back in front of location every time comp goes outside, looks suspicious,

vehicle drove by two times in a couple of minutes, gone on arrival.

Suspicious vehicle, parties were playing Pokemon, advised of park hours.

Fight/assault, two males on bicycles fighting in back parking lot, friends that were arguing, both left on their own.


Suspicious activity, comp reporting someone cut her bumper on her car.

Theft, report from county attorney’s office.

Suspicious activity, male on a bike wearing a red hoodie and had clipboard, told complainant she couldn't park where she was and acted like he flashed a badge near his belt buckle, party moved along.

Child protection issue, received report from Douglas County Social Services.

Hit and run, 30th Ave W.

911 hangup, was assaulted by her boyfriend after she came over to confront him about her broken cell phone, she stated he tried to keep her from calling 911.

Suicide threats, female party is very suicidal, nurse informed that person one is a cutter and has multiple scars, transported to ER.

Harassment, ex-husband is tapping into her phone.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, Pioneer Rd SE.

Property damage crash, minor, Pioneer Rd SE.

Suspicious activity, comp reporting someone is pounding on her door, she thinks they are trying to break in, checked area, unable to locate.

Property damage crash, hit parked car, 8th Ave E/Nokomis St.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

Beth Leipholtz

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