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Law Enforcement Blotter: Wednesday, April 19


Wednesday, April 19

Suicide threats, ex-boyfriend has been threatening suicide the last week, tonight he texted he is going to slit his wrists, male party admitted to sending text message about cutting his wrists, party was transported to ER for an eval and released, Alex.

Check welfare of person, caller almost hit a man walking southbound near Co Rd 28, unable to locate, Alex.

Check welfare of person, person showed up at day treatment school in Starbuck and made threats, stated she had emptied her bank accounts and has pills on front seat of car, unknown weapons, Alex.

Public assist, having an auction on Saturday, would like extra patrol between now and Saturday, Carlos.

Shooting complaint, people at this address have been shooting excessively and blowing things up for a couple weeks, loud booms, nobody wants to approach them about it from fear of retaliation, extra patrol requested, Alex.

Suspicious activity, comp stating there is a lot of activity at a neighbor's house and that one of the visitors there just drove through her yard, comp stated 15 to 20 cars are driving to residence daily, is requesting extra patrols in the area, Alex.

Public assist, comp has questions about the safety of her kids while they are with their father, comp had questions about court ordered parenting time, Farwell.


Wednesday, April 19

Check welfare of person, comp requests check on student that isn't in school, contact made and information passed on to comp.

Drug-related activity, found drugs and paraphernalia that her daughter left when she was kicked out and would like an officer to pick up, disposed of property.

Trespassing complaint, unwanted guest at property, female has warrant.

Harassment, has issues with a client, discussed getting an HRO, also trespassing male party from the business, nothing criminal occurred at this point.

Suicide threat, comp received text message from friend stating she was going to cut her wrist and kill herself, person one is fine, no issue at all with wanting to hurt herself, stated she left her residence last night to get away from her emotionally abusive boyfriend since he has been contacting her calling her names, she was advised to contact law enforcement if she needed help in any way.

Public assist, gas drive off.

Juvenile trouble.

Stolen vehicle, Steffel Pest Control Service truck was stolen.

Check welfare of person, young boy standing next to his bike because the chain fell off, boy is too close to the traffic lane, 10-year-old was given a ride back home, brother was on the way to get him.

Missing person, his daughter has been gone for a couple of days, last he heard from her was in a text last night, made phone contact with daughter, she is with person two's dad, girlfriend and is just fine, stated her phone died and she will return home tomorrow.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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