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Law Enforcement Blotter: Monday, April 17


Monday, April 17

Theft, broke into garage and stole items, multiple hand tools stolen from garage, Alex.

Civil matter, upset about neighbors putting dock on her property and would like trespassing letter, Holmes City.

Burning complaint, black smoke over tree, Alex.

Suspicious vehicle, Parkers Prairie.

Abandoned vehicle, car has been parked there for a couple days, contacted owner who stated going to Budget Auto to give them the title for vehicle because they can't get it going and they will be taking care of it, Alex.

ATV complaint, comp stating the kids at this address are riding four-wheelers and dirt bikes without mufflers and it's disturbing the neighborhood again, advised the comp that they are allowed to ride on private property but the noise level needs to be reasonable after dark, comp stated he would just like extra patrol in the area so they don't go in the ditches, Nelson.

Neighbor dispute, having issue with neighbor over an easement issue, would like a deputy to stop out, Alex.


Monday, April 17

Child abuse/neglect, comp found a 7-year-old walking down 7th Ave alone, autistic child was brought home, mom has been working with social services on ways to keep her son in the house at night.

Suspicious activity, someone was banging on the windows and ringing doorbell, two officers checked the area and the data trail right behind the house.

Criminal damage to property, comp states that some people want to fight him.

Public assist, former troubled tenant was evicted this weekend, would like officer present during walk through at 8:30 a.m.

Suspicious activity, comp saw little girl’s underwear with blood in male’s bathroom stall, felt uncomfortable not reporting concern to police, will be placed into evidence.

Child custody matter, comp reports ex-husband has not returned children.

Public assist, comp is landlord, thinks apartment has been abandoned.

Hit and run.

Public assist, landlord would like to meet an officer to check an apartment, meet at the back door where parking lot is, no one home when checked, some property left behind as if someone is still staying there.

Drug-related activity, anonymous complaint that building is no smoking and renters in rear apartment two are smoking marijuana, no one outside and no contact at the door, could not smell anything while standing outside.

Suspicious vehicle, north parking lot by old Jefferson school, gold Corvette with no plates or any information up by the building, comp just wanting to make sure vehicle was not stolen as it was not displaying plates, advised it was not stolen and they will handle it from there.

Suspicious vehicle.

Child protection issue, received report from Douglas County Social Services.  

Child abuse/neglect, believes her neighbor is neglecting her child.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, minor, 18th Ave W/Broadway St.

Threats, comp stating a neighbor called her dog a name and said he will no longer "be" if it comes on his yard.

Suspicious activity, nurse stating a male party was threatened via phone and does not feel safe, person wanted to report a threat that came from a niece of his girlfriend, unknown last names, comp wanted incident reported.

Check welfare of person, comp stating the living conditions in the home are not fit for a child, attempted contact, no one appeared home, unable to contact comp to see if it was the actual residence in question.

Criminal damage to property, two kids threw a rock at the window, did not get a description.

Suspicious activity, comp stating there has been a lot of traffic/activity at this address tonight and that people have been walking across his yard, comp wanted officers to be aware of the amount of traffic this residence was having, extra patrol requested.

Fire, vehicle, false alarm, engine overheated.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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