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Law Enforcement Blotter: Friday, April 14 through Sunday, April 16


Friday, April 14

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle pulled off into parking lot, driver said they pulled into parking lot to check directions, they're now leaving, Carlos.

Suspicious activity, female in the parking lot/on the road acting strange, unable to locate, Alex.

Check welfare of person, comp last spoke with her mother four days ago, phone goes right to voicemail, subject had broken her phone a few days ago, has the new one and will call as soon as it is activated, comp notified, Alex.

Harassment, comp was harassed by the female that lives at this residence, she was banging on her car window and yelling at her, comp was advised not to go to residence and of HRO process which comp declined to pursue, Alex.

Sexual assault report, person one wants to report a sexual assault that occurred at her home, Alex.

Burning complaint, lots of black smoke and comp doesn't think it's being watched, he's concerned it will catch dry grass on fire, owner headed back up to watch the fire until out, Alex.

Suspicious person, two men approached comp, they talked to her then disappeared behind her house, persons in the call for service were looking for property in burglaries from earlier in the week, they did recover a black bag that officer took care and custody, Miltona.

Child custody matter, child exchange in lobby, exchange did not take place, kids refused to go, father decided to leave, Alex.

Saturday, April 15

Missing person, 5-year-old boy/person one missing from the yard for 30 minutes, officer arrived on scene and began searching house with homeowner, child located hiding behind couch in living room, child is OK, Evansville.

Suspicious vehicle, younger female taking pictures of the property, unable to locate, Carlos.

Property damage crash, female came to comp's parents door reporting that she rolled her vehicle, she appears to have only minor scrapes, Genes Rd SE, Alex.

Sunday, April 16

Child abuse, neglect, tip that there are two children waiting in a van for their parents while they are inside the liquor store, Miltona.

Suspicious person, checking on a female walking that looks distraught, female was intoxicated and had briefly separated from the other person she was with, all OK, Alex.

Suspicious vehicle, person one and two were talking and advised to move along, Geneva Pier.

Civil matter, comp and husband are divorcing, papers allow her the camper, he moved it without telling her where it is, advised civil issue and to speak with lawyer and getting everything in writing, Evansville.

Neighbor dispute, comp would like to talk to deputy regarding his neighbors and their threatening complaints on his dogs, spoke with both individuals regarding the dispute, advised both parties of possible consequences if actions continue, Brandon.

Suicide threats, mother of niece is driving around and sent a suicidal type text, she has two children with her and history of meth use, spoke with person one by phone, indicated not suicidal and is enjoying Easter with her family, person one stated sent message not as suicidal but as frustration that person two is living at her residence and wants her to go back home, Alex.

Juvenile trouble, anonymous complaint of two kids approximately age 10 on dirt bikes riding recklessly, pulled out of driveway and made her swerve due to not looking, they are riding fast and have no helmets on, advised parents of the complaint, Osakis.

Public assist, states mother is not answering her phone or door, concerned as she is loosing her memory, states that her sisters may know where the mother is but won't tell her or her brothe, comp called back and stated they found their mother was placed, but unsure where, and didn't need to speak to a deputy at this time, Brandon.

Public assist, vehicle that doesn’t belong at residence, Alex.

Fight/assault, reported yelling going on at access, caller believes possible fight, parties involved had left prior to arrival, no one wanted to say who was involved, Alex.


Friday, April 14

Child protection issue, received report from Douglas County Social Services.

Property damage crash, minor, 50th Ave W.

Child custody matter, comp requesting an officer be present for a child exchange in the PD lobby.

Check welfare of person, comp concerned for welfare of approximately 8-year-old female, her parents appear to be high on something, observed female party while in the store, child did not appear to be in danger.

Fire, caller sees heavy black smoke to the south by cemetery, she can't tell what's on fire, brush pile fire with permit.

Check welfare of person, female in a yellow car parked in the parking lot near Big Ole, has her head down, hasn't moved in about an hour, female was sleeping.

Public assist, party requesting to speak with officer.

Suspicious person, advised to remain off private property.

Public assist, comp looking for advice to get an heirloom gun back from his nephew who is a felon, gave information regarding civil lawyer, comp was also advised to contact law enforcement if he knows when nephew has guns in possession.

Trespassing complaint, store employee has two males in the store she caught trespassing on the roof, complainant stated that she was going to trespass the juveniles from the store, juveniles went on the roof to retrieve a tennis ball, contacted parents.

Juvenile trouble, couple of young boys doing stunts on top of Third Ave train bridge.

Child custody matter, comp was told by officer and social services that she could have her kids today, father of children will not comply, father knowingly denied.

Public assist, verbal domestic.

Drug-related activity, found syringes behind the hotel near a shed, placed in sharps container.

Check welfare of person, teenager is concerned for her teenage friend who has been cutting herself and now won't answer her phone, person was fine, mother stated person told friends an exaggerated story.

Drunk, intoxicated male in the dining room sleeping, person was waiting for a ride, he took his belongings and waited outside for his ride.

Public assist, would like the parking lot cleared up by their sign.

Public assist, has legal question about leaving state with her child and not telling the biological father, she states they were never married and she is afraid of him, the move would be for her safety, advised the comp to speak with an attorney about the custody issue.

Saturday, April 15

Public assist, neighbors are parked at community center and they have people parking there illegally, parties were advised of the complaint and moved the vehicles.

Suspicious activity, yelling possibly coming from Broadway and possibly some shots fired over the last five to 10 minutes, officer was in the area and didn't hear shots but there was some yelling and Rappers employees dumped the recycling.

Suspicious activity, comp reporting the door across from his has been kicked open he believes, cleared the apartment, doesn't appear anything is missing, management was notified of the damage to the door.

Public assist, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors are going off, she doesn't have replacement batteries, doesn't know what it could be, house was just built this summer, no smoke, possible faulty detector.

Public assist, comp has questions about a lost cell phone.

Public assist, comp reporting his girlfriend's dad took her car away from her but she has paid for it, car is in dad’s name, answered questions about vehicle ownership and explained civil court process.

Hit and run, State Hwy 29 S.

Public assist, comp has a question about city ordinances, regarding invisible dog fence, advised of ordinances online and to contact City Hall with further questions.

Theft, comp stated someone put a lock on their storage unit and lots of items are now missing.

Drug-related activity, comp thinks there’s drug deals going on at location, comp thought persons that drove vehicle one and two were there and up to no good, did not have any further information.


Crash with other property, vehicle versus bicycle, minor crash, parties settled accident on scene, 34th Ave E/Viking Plaza.

Littering complaint, person throwing items out of their vehicle.

Harassment, ex-boyfriend is harassing her, forced her off Broadway approximately 10 minutes ago and broke the windshield on her car two hours ago.

Check welfare of person, anonymous complaint of an approximately 9-year-old child in the driveway crying,  comp stated he tried to talk to him but he just got more upset, no one else around, child was being watched by his 12-year-old brother, brother was unaware that he snuck out, person one was made aware of what happened.

Harassment, comp's ex is standing in the doorway of her building.

Child custody matter, female took child out of state to Texas and enrolled the child in school, he did not give permission for her to remove the child away from him to another state, advised the comp to speak with an attorney about the custody issue.

Sunday, April 16

Fight/assault, comp reporting two to three males jumped him in the parking lot of The Depot, he's not injured but wants to report it, he's unsure of who they are or if they are still at Depot, no assault, they got in argument about a girl, he is walking home now, nothing further.

Vehicle unlock, comp is locked out of vehicle with her son who has autism, comp stated son is freaking out a bit.

Public assist, caller requesting to speak with on call social worker, criteria does not meet on call status, was advised will have officer call for advice.

Shooting complaint, comp reporting they heard gunshots possibly west of location.

Suicide threat, comp has questions concerning her sister.

Mentally ill person, in vehicle with another female who is suicidal and is hearing voices, person was transported to ER.

Public assist, comp would like person two removed from her apartment.

Suspicious activity, comp reporting intoxicated males threw something on fire on the road, person two was intoxicated, person one was going to keep an eye on him, persons were going to stay inside for the rest of the night.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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