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Law enforcement blotter: Friday, March 17 through Sunday, March 19


Friday, March 17

Mentally ill person, suicidal male in the basement, possibly homicidal towards family, weapons in the house, violent against law enforcement, Evansville.

Property damage crash, two vehicle at stop sign, Brandon.

Check welfare of person, Hoffman post office called Grant County stating a male has not picked up his mail in three days and that is unusual, there are two well behaved pit bulls on the farm, party was found to be in the hospital, Hoffman.

Check welfare of person, comp stating her mom told her she would be to her house in five minutes and never showed up, comp is concerned due to some recent family events, called comp back, she said her mom just arrived in Alex and everything was fine, Evansville.

Fraud, unauthorized credit card use, Miltona.

Gas leak, comp's carbon monoxide alarms have been going off even after changing the battery, comp left the home and stated he is feeling well, comp given two phone numbers for someone to come out with a meter, Osakis.

Public assist, property exchange.

Abandoned vehicle, comp stating there is an abandoned white car about 50 yards off the road in some trees on the south side of the road., the vehicle is somewhat visible from the road and it has been there for at least a week, located vehicle sitting on a trailer which you can't see from the road, will talk to property owner to make sure it's supposed to be there, Carlos.

Public assist, patient on a hold took off, Alex.

Public assist, while sister was in Douglas County Jail comp kept her daughter, she got released yesterday and picked up daughter today while comp was at work, comp is concerned about her mental state and would like a welfare check but has unknown  whereabouts, party was found at her mom's house in Evansville, child and mom were fine, nothing further, Evansville.

Suspicious activity, grandmother on phone with comp stating aunt showed up, concerning following previous call, person two lives at residence, was upset about recent events, owner of residence has no issue with her being there, nothing further, Evansville.

Fire, farm building, possible barn on fire, Alex.

Child custody matter, her daughter is getting out of the hospital tonight and she is afraid the father of their baby will come to comp's house and try to take baby, information was passed on to cars working tonight, Garfield.

Suspicious activity, two trucks with people out at farm property, all comp can see is them walking around with flashlights, spoke with owner's son who was working in garage, Osakis.

Public assist, child is locked in car, Carlos.

Saturday, March 18

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle’s parked running in lot awaiting ride, Alex.

Burglary, comp stating someone took a bunch of equipment from his shed, theft of fishing equipment and a generator, Alex.

Child custody matter, comp stating his ex will not bring their baby back to him, female was just released from a mental health unit and comp does not feel that the baby is safe with her, both parents are having issues with the child's custody arrangements, there is not currently a concern about the child's safety/welfare, Garfield.

Public assist, has questions regarding an order for protection that was filed in Douglas County, comp saw person that has OFP against him on social media, opened her profile to block her so he would not see her again, no OFP violation had occurred.

Fire, grass.

Trespassing complaint, manager was called by employees about male party with no trespass hanging out around the store, citation issued to person one for trespassing, Garfield.

Public assist, continues to receive phone calls from former owner of home stating she wants to move back in, spoke with person one, advised her she is not allowed back at property and if she continues to harass comp, comp will be obtaining an HRO, Alex.

Public peace, juvenile party, several cited for minor consumption, Alex.

Sunday, March 19

Suspicious person, male party came to the home stating he ran from the cops, citation for minor consumption, Alex.

Juvenile trouble, daughter's mother reported to comp she was contacted by their daughter around midnight saying she was at a party, party possibly got busted and they are now unable to get ahold of her, dad called and she is home with mom and he will deal with her in the morning, Alex.

Suspicious vehicle, vehicle was parked in the lane of traffic and running, driver almost hit a deer and stopped to calm herself, Alex.

Burning complaint, neighbors having large bonfire, having an end of the year gathering, fire was smaller upon arrival, told to stop burning, nothing further, Alex.


Friday, March 17

Drug-related activity, high level of traffic at white house, comp stated that he thought it was suspicious that there were people with flashlights out by a vehicle parked on 6th Ave, advised the comp that the vehicle ran out of gas and was having tire issues.

Public peace, juvenile party, drinking party in room, citations issued.

Personal injury crash, two vehicles, vehicle one failed to stop for stop sign causing collision, damage to stop sign on west side of intersection, street department notified, Alex.

Public assist, gas drive off.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, no injuries, 5th Ave E/Lake St.

Child custody matter, comp stating her ex did not bring their child to daycare today and she wants him charged with kidnapping.

Property damage crash, vehicle was hit on Feb. 19.

Public assist, manager stating that West Central Community Action has been paying for person one to stay there and now they won't any more, person one has nowhere to go and Super 8 doesn't want her there anymore, person one left property without incident, belongings brought to person one vehicle in viking city and locked and secured inside of vehicle.

Child protection issue, received report from Douglas County Social Services.

Traveler’s aid, trying to get back to North Dakota, needs assistance with gas, provided $35 in gas for person one to get back home.

Property damage crash, two vehicles, no injuries.

Public assist, patient on a hold took off,

Saturday, March 18

Suspicious activity, comp caught some people in his neighbor's yard with a flashlight, he asked what they were doing and they yelled and took off, person two arrested on warrant, spoke with person three who stated they were at an uncle's house and he dropped some money, this being the reason he was searching with flashlight.

Threats, comp stating a female threatened to beat him up, no direct threat made, advised comp to block phone number and advised of HRO process.

Public assist, gas drive off.

Suspicious person, male in the store appears to be on something, has stopped twice, left towards hospital, checked area, unable to locate.

Stolen vehicle, vehicle recovered.

Public assist, would like to get some items at residence and would like an escort, stood by for property exchange.

Check welfare of person, comp stating he has an HRO against a male party, subject was not at the apartment.

Juvenile trouble, son is running around town and is in violation of his probation or conditions.

Public assist, had a male acting strange at the store earlier and now employees would like someone there while they lock up, stayed with them while they closed up and did a walk through of the building.

Public assist, unwanted guests in home, comp stated that she wanted everyone out of her house by the time she got home, all parties had left prior to APD's arrival.

Public peace, juvenile party, multiple juvenile parties in rooms, person six's charges will be long formed for supplying to minors, citations issued.

Sunday, March 19

Juvenile trouble, daughter’s mother reported to comp she was contacted by their daughter around midnight saying she was at a party, party possibly got busted and they are now unable to get ahold of her, dad called and daughter is home with mom.

Drug-related activity, male offered comp drugs for property, in garage.

Public assist, comp stating someone stole part of her license tabs.

Hit and run, State Hwy 29 S.

Suspicious activity, there is a pile of bags that appear to have clothing in them and a plastic tub, caller thought it should be checked on, person one is owner of belongings, waiting for ride.

Public assist, comp stating an employee is upset and will not leave, male left prior to officer arrival, nothing criminal, he was told he was not wanted on property.

Suspicious activity, thinks someone has been in her apartment and putting something in her and her dog's food, she put up a camera and would like an officer to see footage.

Fight/assault, comp stating she was hit in the face, did not want to pursue charges.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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