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Law enforcement blotter: Thursday, March 16


Thursday, March 16

Suspicious vehicle, person one was inside the building cleaning, stated she was scared to come out because there was a vehicle that was watching her, stood by as person one took out the trash per request, Kensington.

Suspicious vehicle, occupied by one male, person one had just finished cleaning inside Diamond Buick, Alex.

Child custody matter, comp went to son's father's to pick him up and he would not give him to her, comp was requesting a welfare check on her child and wanted to take her child home, stopped at residence with comp and they completed the exchange, Alex.

Suspicious activity, comp stated three individuals tried getting into his house, comp stated his dog scared someone away from his house and he saw one person running, searched the area and were unable to locate people or vehicles, Alex.

Fire, grass, Alex.

Public assist, would like to speak with a deputy about getting some items out of his car in impound, Alex.

Violation of restraining order, niece has HRO against male, reported to comp he has been texting her the last couple days, Garfield.


Thursday, March 16

Harassment, caller states he is being harassed through social media, documented, advised of HRO process.

Public assist, giving person one a ride to court house.

Child protection issue, received a report from Douglas County Social Services.

Juvenile trouble, school called regarding incident that happened outside of school.

Public assist, caller would like to ask some questions about a property she sold but the title was never transferred, provided comp with information pertaining to past property and obtaining title information.

Property damage crash, elderly man backed into his vehicle.

Public assist, caller would like to talk to an officer about statements person one is making on Facebook.

Suspicious activity, caller is there for an appointment, door is unlocked with lights on but nobody's around, pet groomer was sick today, owner arrived to lock door.

Threats, would like to speak with an officer regarding some threats.

Suspicious vehicle, no plates, no stickers.

Suspicious activity, white Explorer pulled into Church, male tried to jump out of front passenger door.

Suspicious activity, a red car. a gold car and brown Suburban parked at the park-in in the court, callers thinks they may be doing drug deals, caller says the suburban is always parked at the address listed.

Suspicious activity, complainant thinks that someone was tampering with his vehicles back in February and wants to report it.

Check welfare of person, mail carrier says there is lights on in the house and a car in the driveway but the mail is piling up and not being checked, neighbor advised nobody lives there, rental property.

Check welfare of person, welfare check of elderly mother he's been trying to get a hold of, party was not home and her vehicle was gone, son was not concerned after hearing that.

Harassment, is getting text messages from person she no longer wants contact with, female was advised to block number.

Public assist, comp believes baby’s mother is violating a court order with boyfriend, unable to locate order, checked the residence, no contact.

Suicide threats, patient’s boyfriend coming to meet her at New Visions, has been making threatening messages.

Harassment, getting texts that female needs to be picked up at Super 8 or she will be dropped at her house, spoke with comp about blocking the person on Facebook and through text messages, advised to contact the PD if she shows up at her house tomorrow.

Mentally ill person, 24-year-old daughter with ongoing mental health issues, transported female party to ER.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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