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Law enforcement blotter: Wednesday, March 15


Wednesday, March 15

Check welfare of person, party in jail and has been trying to call his wife with no luck, she was taken in for medical eval, Alex.

Attempted fraud/scam, phone scam, trying to get him to say "yes,” no theft or crime committed, comp wanted to pass info of the attempted scam, comp would follow up to have the numbers blocked, Brandon.

Burglary, theft of equipment, multiple tools taken, multiple buildings with forced entry, incident occurred last night or day before, two suspects, Parkers Prairie.

Attempted fraud/scam, caller was contacted by someone three different times, said they were with Minnesota Department of Health, fishing for info, caller wanted comp’s social security number and she would not give it to him, caller became angry and hung up, Miltona.

Abandoned vehicle, truck has been parked on his property since November and would like to know his options on getting rid of it, comp stated he was going to make a couple phone calls to his family members first and would call back, stated he does not want law enforcement to intervene, Miltona.

Attempted fraud/scam, caller believes that someone is trying to scam him, comp stated he is in a hurry to close up shop and will call back tomorrow to report it.

Public assist, yellow lab was stolen from comp's yard yesterday, comp put an ad out on Facebook wanting to buy a yellow lab and got a response with a picture of what looks like his dog, Evansville.

Suspicious vehicle, driver's phone fell out of the holder, driver stopped to fix it, Alex.

Suspicious vehicle, person one stopped to let puppy go to bathroom and back enroute to Lowry, everything fine, Alex.


Wednesday, March 15

Suspicious vehicle, loud, red Chevy two-door was outside of location and comp was concerned.

Suspicious vehicle, Chevy Trailblazer has been parked there for several days, spoke with owner of vehicle and it was having mechanical issues, owner will remove vehicle within 24 hours, comp advised and oOK with allowing to stay up to 24 hours or they will call tow company.

Child abuse, sexual, received report from Douglas County Social Services.

Public assist, provided business form for contact information.

Child protection issue, received report from Douglas County Social Services.

Public assist, comp reporting person one trespassing, no evidence of event.

Burglary, missing a check from her apartment.

Public assist, comp had questions about temporary license plate form.

Hit and run, Pioneer Rd SE.

Suspicious activity, caller parks his trailer at the Holiday and every time he goes to pick it up there is a man behind it, caller got his plate number and pictures of his vehicle.

Public assist, boyfriend locked her out of home after a verbal dispute, she would just like entry to retrieve her kids' stuff, male would not come to the door, female was going to try back later.

Stolen vehicle, believes that person one took her key out of her purse while she was sleeping and stole her 2006 Ford 500, comp called back and decided she did not want to report the car as stolen.

Harassment, comp would like to speak to officer about another tenant in her apartment complex harassing her, advised comp to seek an HRO if the harassment continues, spoke with person two, he said he just wanted to send one last final message, and he is now done contacting the comp.

Suspicious activity, comp believes person one, who is staying there, is doing drug deals or other services by the back door of the location, comp stated that she thought she witnessed person one expose herself to a male party, person one denied the allegations and stated that she was waiting for a ride, advised person one not to pace the hallways.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

Beth Leipholtz

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