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Law enforcement blotter: Tuesday, Jan. 10


Tuesday, Jan. 10

Public assist, found "drugs" at Casey's gas station and drove home with them, due to road and weather conditions she would like us to drive to her residence and pick them up, Garfield.

Suspicious activity, reporting his dog has been shot, Alex.

Drug-related activity, person one and two tried to get the caller to purchase meth then took his money and ran, comp would not return phone call, info will be passed to task force, Evansville.

Suspicious activity,  checked on an ice house on the lake that has had a generator running for a few days and has a lot of expensive equipment outside with no one around, attempted to make contact with person one but was unsuccessful, Lake Vermont.


Tuesday, Jan. 10

Check welfare of person, checking on child, child appears to be taken care of and is in good health.

Suspicious activity, someone entered her apartment last night while she was sleeping but didn't do or take anything.

Suspicious activity, reporting someone was inside business overnight.

Property damage crash, parking lot, Karl Dr NW.

Property damage crash, minor, Maple St.

Public assist, student needed a ride home and had no other way to get there, school is working on lining up permanent transportation with the transportation department.

Public assist, phone number update but it is too cold outside for person to walk to the APD, would like an officer at their residence.

Public assist, comp received a phone call asking if she knew "Molly,” she said that it was her niece and then they hung up, she is concerned that something is wrong; comp is going to contact her son to try and get hold of her niece.

Harassment, received a call from a male that was saying very nasty things to her, does not have the number, will call back if calls continue, advised to contact phone company to see how to block the caller if it happened again.

Child protection issue, received report from Douglas County Social Services.

Suicide attempt, states boyfriend is trying to wrap a cord around his neck, then he could be heard yelling at her for calling law enforcement, transported to ER.

Neighbor dispute, reporting a neighbor has pushed his snow across the street in front of his house, informed comp to talk to neighbor about the issue.

Theft, believes a young male stole a BB gun a couple of days ago and needs to verify with his video system, just wants a call from an officer.

Harassment, told ex-husband to not contact her anymore, will not leave her alone, would like to talk to an officer about it, comp wanted to make it very clear that her ex is calling her after she told him not to, ongoing custody issue between the two, no report needed, she is going to continue talking with Someplace Safe about an OFP possibly, spoke with male party and relayed the message.

Public assist, 19-year-old headed up Broadway toward 5th St., car wouldn't start and she decided to start walking, caller would like her checked on, got truck running and will be headed home soon, she is with a friend.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.

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