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Education on epilepsy

Hannah Poshek (left), 13, will be co-hosting an epilepsy education event with her father, Chris Poshek. U.S. hockey Olympic gold medalist Chanda Gunn (right) will also be speaking at the event. (Contributed)

Chris Poshek wants people to know that it is possible to lead a normal life, even with epilepsy.

This is one of the reasons Poshek is speaking at an event titled "Learning to Live With Epilepsy." The event will take place Monday, Jan. 23, at 7 p.m. at Glenwood State Bank in Alexandria, and he will discuss epilepsy, which is a neurological disorder that can cause seizures.

Poshek was diagnosed with epilepsy 15 years ago, at age 30, and is now active in educating people about the disorder.

"I'm the Alexandria area volunteer educator," Poshek said. "A few years ago, the epilepsy foundation named Alexandria a seizure smart community. Being a volunteer, the idea is to keep dialogue open, connect families, stuff like that."

Poshek's 13-year-old daughter Hannah also has epilepsy and was diagnosed at age 1. Hannah will be co-hosting the event with her father.

"We just always told her that just because she has this, we don't let that stand in her way," Poshek said. "That's kind of what we're wanting people to come to know, is that just because you're diagnosed doesn't mean you can't have a career or do anything you want to do."

Poshek says the goal of the event is to let families with an epileptic member know that there are others like them.

"That's why I want to put it together, for families in the area that are newly diagnosed, or that have been diagnosed," he said. "This way they know they're not alone with their condition."

Also speaking at the event will be Chanda Gunn, a U.S. hockey Olympic gold medalist who was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 9.

The event will also feature a resource table covering all aspects of epilepsy.

This event is sponsored by the Epilepsy Foundation of MN, Glenwood State Bank, Henry's Foods and The Windmill Project.

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