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Don’t spoil your holidays with a trip to the emergency room

Teach young children the dangers of electricity to prevent serious injury, noted Otter Tail Power Company Communications Specialist Sarah Casey. (Contributed photo courtesy of Sara Casey)

Holiday festivities with young children are one of the highlights of the season. But because kids naturally are curious and don’t know the dangers of electricity, Otter Tail Power Company urges you to teach them some simple but important electrical safety tips to prevent serious injury.

--Don’t plug in or unplug Christmas lights without adult supervision.

--Never stick toys or any object into an electrical outlet or lightbulb socket.

--Don’t set drinks on top of electronic devices such as video game consoles, DVD players, computers, etc. They could spill and zap you.

--Never pull an electric plug out of the wall outlet by yanking on the electric cord.

--Never touch any electrical device, such as a light switch, hair dryer, or toaster, when you’re touching water.

-Be sure to unplug an electrical appliance, such as a toaster, before cleaning it.

“Electrical safety is part of our commitment to you,” said Otter Tail Power Company Safety Manager Eric Hamm. “Please follow these tips and have a safe and happy holiday season.”