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CentraCare Radiation Oncology invests in new CT scanner

CentraCare Radiation Oncology at Douglas County Hospital in Alexandria continues to provide patients and physicians in the region with the latest radiation oncology technology.

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Its new, larger CT is a computed tomography scanner (sometimes referred to as a “cat” scan) that produces crisp, detailed images of the body in mere seconds.

Computed tomography is a valuable tool in the detection of cancer, according to radiologists. CT scans are used to detect tumors, provide information about a tumor’s size and location, guide physicians for biopsies, create a radiation therapy plan and determine how the cancer is responding to treatment.

The CT scanner improves the accuracy of imaging results and enables physicians to detect cancer at an early stage and offer patients more effective treatment options, according to CentraCare.

In addition to its advanced diagnostic capabilities, this CT also features smart design. The system features a larger “bore” or opening than traditional CT scanners. This open design can be more comfortable than conventional tube-shaped machines.

“Our CT system offers a great combination of diagnostic precision and patient comfort. It is a powerful cancer-fighting tool that we at CentraCare Radiation Oncology at Douglas County Hospital are pleased to be able to offer to the community,” said Jason Peterson, radiation oncology manager.